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Posted: November 13, 2020 | Updated: November 18, 2020 4 min read

Virtual event swag can be a great way to get attendees to engage with your event. Handing it out ahead of time can also drum up excitement about attending—not to mention it’ll keep your brand top-of-mind long after your event is over. In fact, 57% of people say they keep some of the promotional products they’ve received for at least five years.[1] If you’re trying to pick the best virtual event giveaways for your online training, holiday celebration, speaking engagement or fundraiser, here are some ideas to inspire you.


Training giveaways

More companies are realizing they can effectively train existing employees and new hires remotely. When choosing virtual event giveaways for training, think about what may be useful both during the training and after. For example, a sling bag that includes a sport bottle and a granola bar helps keep attendees fueled throughout the day and provides a way to store their training materials post-session.

Ensure your virtual training goes smoothly and accomplishes its purpose by making it as interactive as possible. Let people know you welcome any and all questions they may have. If you’re training a group, try to pair people in one-on-one chats post-session so they can discuss their biggest takeaways.


Holiday party swag

Hosting a virtual holiday party that people want to attend is easy. Just because people aren’t there in person doesn’t mean they can’t laugh, make memories and enjoy themselves. As you decide what kind of virtual event swag to hand out, you may want to focus on items that will get people engaged in your online celebration.

Send a goodie bag ahead of time that will tie into the day’s activities. For example, a handful of candy canes for a contest: While holding one candy cane in their mouth as a hook, how many other candy canes can each person pick up? Another idea is to give everyone a mini S’mores kit and then make them together (virtually).


Note-taking essentials

Virtual speaking events can be engaging and educational. To ensure attendees stay out of the drone zone, ask what they would like to learn. Then incorporate their suggestions into your presentation. Keep your audience engaged and focused with a live Q&A. And hold a VIP virtual lunch where speakers and attendees can network, ask questions and engage.

Send a virtual event swag bag to attendees before the big day to get them ready for learning. Give them a bamboo notebook with pen for taking notes, and include a bag of microwave popcorn with a note to save the popcorn for a snack during the event.


Fundraising thank-you gifts

Raising money and resources for those in need is extremely fulfilling. Make your virtual fundraising event a huge success by showcasing stories of real-life people (or animals) your nonprofit has helped. Let attendees see their faces and hear their voices (or barks) to get a better understanding of the positive impact their donations will make.


When it comes to virtual event giveaways, it’s hard to go wrong with something practical. Show appreciation for donors’ generosity with items they can use every day, like a long-sleeve T-shirt or a handy cooler bag. Not only will they appreciate the thought you put into their thank-you gift, they’ll also be reminded of your good cause every time they use it.


With a little thought, you can make virtual event swag work to help engage and excite people about your event—and help them remember the brand they got it from.