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| Updated: July 12, 2023

Why are manager recognition and leadership gifts so important? Because becoming a great leader is a tough undertaking.

Great leaders must effectively assign tasks, set goals, sit down with employees, acknowledge top performers and plan for the future. In addition, effective leaders are honest, inspiring and resilient, and they make it a top priority to empower their team.

There are many traits required of a good leader, including kindness, patience and charisma.

When you’ve found a manager who does these things well, recognize them! Not only does it show your appreciation, but the positive reinforcement also motivates managers to continue doing a good job. And managers who feel motivated are more likely to pass on that positive encouragement to their own team members.

Leader appreciation gifts are a thoughtful and unique way to thank your hard-working management team. Try one of these ideas to show your gratitude.


Create a bond with gifts for leaders

Members of a team are more motivated and driven than those who feel they work alone.

When jobs are difficult, being a member of a team can make what seems like an insurmountable task easier. Simply feeling included in the group can increase drive and motivation on a challenging job. Unite all members of your leadership team with one of these gifts for leaders.

At training sessions, give managers an elleven® Core Zippered Padfolio they can proudly carry throughout the day. Or, provide them with a modern-looking Aluminum Card Case to hold their business cards. Both items are practical leadership giveaways that can be used again and again.

Plan a fun team-building event, such as a golf outing, where managers can spend time together outside of work. Give them a fun gift to remember the day, such as a Golf Ball Cleaning Pouch, which can be brought to the course for future games. A classic shirt, such as the Nike® Performance Stitch Accent Pique Polo, is perfect for team leaders to wear both on the course and off.


Honor the extraordinary with leadership awards

Don’t save service awards for one annual celebration. Showcase standout leaders throughout the year with individual awards. Recognizing a manager for their work is a great way to make them feel appreciated while motivating their future performance.

A small gift, like the Econo Lapel Pin, is a great way to recognize a job well done. Managers are sure to be asked questions when they are wearing it, giving them the chance to talk about their achievements.

For a long-term award, hand out the Jade Glass Paperweight. It makes a great decorative desktop piece they’ll want to display. For extra-special honors, the President Crystal Tower or Blue Crystal Pillar Award are elegant gifts that can be displayed at home or the office.


Create impact with leadership gifts

Feeling like they make a difference is the most important factor in a job for many people.

Do you know what people look for most in a job? It’s not money or position. The majority of people in the workforce said doing meaningful work is the most important aspect of any job. Take the time to tell leaders about the impact they have on their team and the company as a whole. Interview their staff to learn what is most appreciated about their leadership skills and share this feedback with the manager.

Highlight their impact by giving out a bottle of wine with the Stemless Red Wine Glass Set. Have team members write notes about their leader’s impact and include them in a Networker Tote that can be used for work every day. Or, write a special thank you inside the stylish Bamboo Notebook & Pen to show appreciation for their dedication.

Leadership gifts are a thoughtful way to motivate, acknowledge and thank your top managers. Not only will you motivate and inspire your leaders, but you will also help build a stronger group overall.