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| Updated: March 21, 2022

Organizations have much to celebrate: employee milestones, promotions, industry awards, individual accomplishments and team achievements. If you are planning an awards ceremony, you can choose from a variety of promotional awards to honor those achievements, including crystal promotional awards, acrylic, glass and more.


Branded acrylic awards

Acrylic awards, like the Star Acrylic Award, are made from a resin that reflects light and can be imprinted or etched with an organization’s logo, the recipient’s name and the date of the award.

Star Acrylic Award


Acrylic awards represent a budget-friendly way to honor multiple recipients of the same award. For example, honor everyone on a winning team, reward a sales group that meets its goals or recognize a department that goes above and beyond to make something happen.


Employee glass awards

Like acrylic, employee glass awards can also be imprinted or etched with an organization’s logo, the award recipient’s name and the date of the honor. Glass awards, like the Bonetta Art Glass Award, are weightier and reflect light more brilliantly than an acrylic award.

Bonetta Art Glass Award


Glass awards serve as the perfect reminder of significant annual achievements. For example, an organization might present a glass award to honor an employee of the year or those employees who have reached certain organizational milestones.


Promotional crystal awards

Known for its clarity and beauty, crystal is one of the most popular materials for awards. Promotional employee crystal awards are often used to celebrate significant achievements or contributions by employees, volunteers, donors or other organizational leaders. Crystal awards can be engraved with your organization’s logo, recipient’s name and date of the honor.

Colorful Star Crystal Awards


The Colorful Star Crystal Award (available in three colors) is the perfect way to honor silver-, gold- and platinum-level performers. Consider an engraved crystal award to honor significant contributions, outstanding employee performance or lifetime achievement awards.


Recognize achievements with promotional awards

Whether your organization’s awards ceremony is a red-carpet event, an awards banquet or a fun-filled office pizza party, the key to making awards ceremonies memorable is showing genuine appreciation for the efforts of those being honored. While branded awards can provide a tangible reminder of the honor, applause, a special event and front-and-center recognition are the keys to making an awards ceremony successful.


PS – Using the same style promotional award from month to month, quarter to quarter or year to year can create a sense of camaraderie or connection among recipients who’ve won the awards each year and demonstrate the consistent performance associated with the achievement. Get even more ideas on recognizing staff with employee recognition gifts for years of service.

Suzanne Worwood

Suzanne Worwood

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