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| Updated: August 07, 2022

While virtual reality (VR) can seem like it’s the wave of the future, it’s the wave of right now. Currently, there are 50.2 million VR users in the U.S. (that’s 15% of the population). And almost half of Americans are familiar with the technology. That’s why VR headset giveaways can help your brand position itself as one that’s trendy with customers.

VR has both practical and entertaining uses in multiple industries. Real estate companies are now providing virtual tours of houses. Not only can they show off houses that are on the market, but they can also use special software to allow customers to virtually redecorate their potential new home. Or go on a walkthrough of a house that hasn’t even been built.

Schools are providing virtual field trips to places that are too far away to visit. Vacationers are looking at worldwide travel spots. The healthcare industry is tapping into this technology to reduce chronic pain, help patients relax and more. Even the military is using VR to improve combat training and provide more realistic flight-simulation experiences.

Whether you’re providing people at a conference with a virtual tour of your factory or offering a virtual shopping experience to consumers at home, consider giving your customers a set of promotional VR glasses and taking them on a (virtual) journey to help them remember your brand for a long time to come.


Budget VR headset giveaway

The world is at their fingertips with the Cobra Virtual Reality Viewer. This cost-effective VR device folds flat for convenient storage or even packing while you’re traveling.

Branded black and yellow VR glasses

Insert your phone into this VR headset and look through the lenses to view your new virtual reality.

VR glasses for home use

Collapsible Virtual Reality Glasses are an excellent choice for one-on-one presentations or in-home use.

Branded black and green VR glasses

Expand the promotional VR glasses and slide a smartphone with a VR app into the clip in the back, and your customer is ready to go.


A high-end VR experience

When you want to provide the best possible VR experience or offer a VR headset giveaway to a long-time customer, the Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones is a perfect choice.

Branded white and black VR headset with headphones

Both the headset and earphones are padded and feature an adjustable strap for maximum comfort. The headset allows the wearer to control the volume and lenses for the best possible VR experience.


Branded VR glasses immerse customers in your brand

The future is here! Use VR headset giveaways to take customers on an exciting journey with your brand.

Michelle Banks

Michelle Banks

Michelle is 4imprint’s Technology Category Manager, and has been with the company for 17 years. Keeping a close eye on what’s going on in the changing tech world, Michelle writes about the most popular products that customers want.

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