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The new government food guidelines have been in the news since their release earlier this summer. Even though the new “My Plate” system is simpler, it still takes some getting used to. The advantage of this new system is it shows ratios rather than servings, a much simpler way to illustrate that it’s the proportion, not necessarily the amount of food, that contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle.

The old guidelines gave a solid number of servings for each category, but the new system takes individual needs into consideration, like age, gender and activity level. The CDC has posted a helpful tool at their Fruits and Veggies Matter website to assist in determining each person’s individual needs.

Use this tool to promote wellness and individualized health to your target audience and watch them turn nutrition facts into healthy habits. The right giveaways combined with educational tools, events, materials and programs can help even the busiest people improve their diets! Check out these three practical promotional products they can use every day to help them along.


Freezable Lid Salad Bowl with Compartments

Salad To Go
This roomy bowl holds 4 cups of leafy greens below so they’re well on their way to meeting their individual veggie requirements. A three-section insert holds salad toppings and a freezable screw-top container for their favorite dressing.

Snack Bowl with Freezable Dip Insert

Snack & Dip To Go
Give staple snacks like chips and dip a healthy upgrade by challenging your students, employees, or clients to dip into something new —peanut butter with celery, hummus and sliced veggies like cucumber or red pepper, yogurt and fruit, or baked chips. The dip container features a freezer-gel lid for safe serving!

Polypropylene Lunch Bag

Poly Pro Lunch Box
Lunch bags don’t have to be brown! Imprinted lunch coolers are daily reminders of your health message. A large opening provides easy access for food containers and cleaning. Check out some fun, funky patterns too!

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