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| Updated: February 19, 2021

Work uniforms have a number of benefits. They give employees a consistent appearance, help customers feel comfortable about approaching your staff, and they serve as a form of advertising when your employees are out in the community.


Work uniforms have a number of benefits.


And while the phrase “dress code” can sound limiting to some employees, according to a survey by Salary.com, many employees wish their companies had a more structured dress policy.


Many employees wish their companies had a more structured dress code.


As fashions continue to change, businesses are doing more to keep up. When you look at your company’s promotional apparel, does it make your employees—and therefore your business—pop? If not, you may want to consider an update.


Special events and statement pieces

Uniforms tend to have a certain “set it and forget it” quality. The same shirt, pants, vest or apron are worn no matter the season, month or day. Many businesses now introduce new pieces to their clothing lineup on a regular basis. That may mean seasonal shirts designed to remind everyone of a holiday, or maybe just a piece of jewelry, a pin or a hat to draw attention to a special company event.

Celebrate an anniversary or special event with an Econo Lapel Pin – Oval or Econo Lapel Pin – Square – Gift Box. These metal pins feature an antique, machine-polished tone that’s perfect for drawing attention to a special milestone. Regularly refresh your employees’ look with the PUMA® Aston Performance Polo for men or women, in seasonal or themed colours.


Approachable looks for every employee

Sometimes the best way to avoid confusion is to mix things up. Many businesses with a lot of employees in uniform use subtle differences in dress to differentiate one job from another. It also can make a manager easily visible in a high-traffic area. Ultimately, differentiating jobs through simple uniform changes makes it easier for customers, and even other employees, to know who to approach when they have a question or concern.


Shirt colors can help differentiate among departments.


One way to do this is to choose a polo with several colour options, like the Harriton Easy Blend Polo for women or men. Select different colours for different departments or job types. With a three-buttonplacket, hemmed bottom and more than a dozen colours to choose from, this promotional apparel is ideal for giving your employees a slightly different look while still keeping a consistent theme. Pair the shirts with Cargo Pants for men and women to help keep employees cool and wrinkle free, so they look their best all day long.


Checks and chinos are contemporary and casual

Many companies that previously required a suit and tie are now trying trendy work uniformideas, such as checks and chinos. This more relaxed fashion choice features a button-down shirt, which can be worn with or without a tie, paired with chino-style pants.

The wrinkle-free Quinlan Checked Dress Shirt is available for men or women. One-button cuffs allow the sleeves to be worn down or rolled up, creating an even more causal look. The shirt pairs nicely with Flat Front Utility Pants for men or women, which are designed with moisture-wicking, soil-resistent fabric to help keep your staff looking fresh.


Denim on denim

Denim on denim, once considered a fashion faux pas—and jokingly known as the Canadian Tuxedo—is currently trendy in the world of fashion and in the world of uniforms. The Blue Generation Denim Shirt is sandwashed for extra softness and to reduce future shrinkage, and is available for both men and women. For warmer days, there is also the Blue Generation Short Sleeve Denim Shirt for women and men.


Fashion-forward promotional apparel makes you look amazing

Like everything in the world of fashion, promotional apparel changes with the times. These trendy work uniform ideas can help keep your employees looking fashion-forward while showing off your brand all year long.