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| Updated: October 10, 2022

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in May 2019 and has been updated to reflect the latest research and new beach promotional item ideas.

Every time your customers and employees head out for a day at the beach, your brand can go with them. Pick the best beach promotional items and watch your swag adorn the shoreline.

The mix of sun, surf and sand is so popular that people in the United States make more than 400 million beach trips each year.

Beach scene with logo beach ball and snorkel.


Make them comfy while taking in the scenery

According to one survey, 75% of beachgoers visit the shore to relax and de-stress. It turns out that exposure to sun and salt air can boost your mood and maybe even help with depression or anxiety. With a well-chosen beach gift, your client or employee can take their peaceful vacation to the next level.

The #1 reason to go to the beach? To relax! | Beach swag from 4imprint


A Monte Carlo Beach Towel can help customers and employees stretch out and get comfortable. Want to offer a unique lounging option? The Portable Beach Blanket with Pillow folds up for easy carrying and storage—and it even includes a removable pillow.

When you want to upgrade their comfort, try the Koozie® Clearwater Beach Backpack Chair. This quality gift will have them sitting back and relaxing with their toes in the sand while feeling the cool breeze, and it folds into a convenient backpack when it’s time to pack up for the day. It makes a great employee beach giveaway or customer thank-you gift.

Pair one of these lounging options with Folding Binoculars, and they’ll be able to check out all the scenery.


Give kids a way to play

According to a recent travel trends report, two-thirds of consumers say they plan on taking more family vacations in 2022, which means you can expect to see more parents enjoying the beach with their kids.

Two children tossing a beach ball and one building a sand castle on the beach.


You can turn your brand into family fun with a few beach promotional items.

If you’re holding an event on the beach, Beach Balls, Confetti Flyers and Dart Rockets are ideal family-friendly beach swag that will catch attention.

You can also set up a few fun games, such as a Wooden Ring Toss Game or Beach Pong Paddle Set, to encourage people to enjoy learning about your organization and its offerings.


Keep them safe from harmful rays

The beach is fun, but too much sun can damper spirits. Taking a few extra precautions can help maximize everyone’s good time. If your company is hosting an event, put together a beach swag safety kit for every participant so catching some rays brings joy—not sun damage.

Practical beach promotional items like an Aruba Tote filled with Carabiner Sunscreen, Fresh Light Sunglasses and a Bucket Hat will help keep them from feeling the burn. You can also include a bottle of Aloe Gel, just in case.


Give them protection from the sand and surf

Help their feet stay cool while walking on the hot sand with a pair of Flip Flops or Slide Flip Flop Sandals. As guests head closer to the shoreline to wade, help keep their keys and phones safe with a Floating Wrist Strap Keychain and a Waterproof Phone Pouch with Neck Cord. These essential beach giveaways will be much appreciated.


Coast to an incredible vacation with beach promotional items

When your employees or customers head out for a day on the water, send beach promotional items along to add extra fun and sunshine to their day. For ideas on other fun summer team-building activities, check out our article.