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| Updated: April 14, 2021 2 min read

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Outdoor promotional items tag along on adventures

Posted: April 05, 2021 | Updated: April 14, 2021 | Suzanne Worwood 2 min read

Over the last year, people have been looking to shake off the stay-at-home doldrums by heading outdoors. In one survey, 66% of respondents said they’re participating in more outdoor activities close to home. Growing interest in community parks, trails and lakes makes this the perfect time for branded outdoor gear as business gifts. 


Logoed blankets and beach mats cover a lot of ground

Time spent in nature is better with a beach mat or blanket. 

When customers or teammates crave waves crashing on shore, the Beach Mat keeps sand at bay while they’re enjoying the sun. 

large green and white striped branded beach mat

Beach Mat

For those who prefer heading to the forest or mountains, they’ll appreciate water-resistant backing on the Crossland Picnic Blanket. It’s perfect for a hike break or picnic. 

blue branded picnic blanket

Crossland® Picnic Blanket

Built-in handle allows for easy transport. 


Branded chairs make a place to sit a hit

Outdoor promotional items will remind recipients of your brand whether they’re relaxing outside with a good book or enjoying a backyard barbecue. 

The “BIG’UN” Folding Camp Chair is ideal for customers or team members who love a little extra space. 

Blue bag chair with company logo on back

“BIG’UN” Folding Camp Chair

The Low-Profile Beach Chair offers a comfortable seat that fits just about anywhere. 

short collapsible folding bag chair

Low-Profile Beach Chair

Take your logo to the beach with these chairs! 


Promotional coolers put the emphasis on cool

Whether you’re packing a picnic, snacks or beverages, the Koozie Rogue Kooler Backpack can be carried by the handle while finding the perfect beach spot—or it can sit comfortably on shoulders hauling it through the woods on a hike.

Red Backpack Cooler

Koozie® Rogue Kooler Backpack


Branded drinkware is a hydration sensation

When chillin’ in the shade or lounging in the sun, a cool drink is a must-have. The Bermuda Silicone Tumbler with Straw and Brush provides an all-in-one set they’ll love. The Color Changing Tumbler with Straw adds a fun twist.

Blue branded tumbler with silicone straw and cleaning brush

Bermuda Silicone Tumbler with Straw and Brush

Branded tumbler with straw - shown with and without beverage see color changing feature

Color Changing Tumbler with Straw

Tumbler changes colors when exposed to ice-cold liquids.


Outdoor games create fun in the sun

Looking for the perfect prize for a company-wide drawing, sales incentive or virtual trade show prize? The Lightweight Bean Bag Game is an instant classic—adding fun to every outdoor event. 

two branded bean bag game boards with red and blue bean bags for tossing

Lightweight Bean Bag Game


A breath of fresh air 

With more reasons than ever to get out of the house, branded outdoor gear won’t just be appreciated by your customers—it’ll also catch the eye of people passing by. And there’s nothing like a little sun to make your brand shine. 


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