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Posted: May 14, 2021 4 min read

Summer is here and it’s time to hit the water. Whether your clients love boating, water skiing or lounging on the beach, there are plenty of summer promotional items to make their summer even better. And with 83% of consumers recalling the brand that gave them a promotional item, they’ll think of you even when summer’s over. Let’s dive in.


Promo items for living the boat life

Make a splash for your clients as they whiz over the water. The best thing about summer promotional products is that there’s something for everyone. Have clients who are fishing enthusiasts? Gear them up with a fishing pole and a Diving Minnow Lure. Know customers who could spend all day jamming out to tunes on the pontoon? Send them a floating wireless speaker for cruising down the river or kicking back on a sandbar. Don’t forget the waterproof phone pouch—it makes a great addition to new employee welcome gift baskets. And for clients who’ve been with you for a long time (or who recently made a large purchase), help them keep drinks ice-cold with a waterproof cooler.

Fun items for super-soaked water games

Help your clients soak up some fun with toys for the water. Give them a multicolored beach ball for a classic game of water volleyball. Include instructions for a creative water game, like watermelon football. It goes like this: Divide everyone into two teams. Each team claims a side of the pool. Toss a greased watermelon into the middle and charge! The team that touches the opposite wall with the watermelon wins. They’ll never forget the brand that gave them such a hilarious game idea.


Kids and adults alike will love a game of squirt-gun tag with this brightly colored water gun. And don’t forget, water fun isn’t just for people. Many four-legged friends love cooling off in the water too. A floating dog toy is the perfect thing for pooch-loving customers and staff.


Surf’s up with items for the beach

Nothing says summer like the beach. Help customers relax with a day of sand, sun and beach promotional items. Give out a roomy surfside beach tote with your logo on it to welcome new customers. Include a list of beachy fun ideas to help them make the most of their time, like seashell hunting or sandcastle building. A Sand Pail and Shovel will help on their quest to collect treasures or build the next sand palace.


If your team makes sales calls, a duo-gift is always a winner. Consider something useful, like a bottle of sunscreen paired with an oversized beach towel, for safe summer fun.

Splash around in the backyard with fun toys and games

There’s no need to travel to a pool, ocean, river or lake when you can get just as soaked right outside your door. Send your customers a list of fun ideas for a “staycation.” For instance, “Sponge the bucket.” This one gets people of all ages involved. Fill one large pail with water and leave two smaller ones empty. Divide into two teams and give each team a sponge. They have to soak their sponge with water from the large bucket and squeeze it out into their little bucket. Whoever fills their little bucket first wins. Or how about “Duck, duck, splash”? This one is perfect for clients with young kids. It’s just like duck, duck, goose—only instead of tapping someone on the head and saying “goose,” they get a cup of water poured on them.

Splash into summer with promotional items for the beach, boat or backyard

By giving clients summer promotional items and offering a few fresh ideas for making the most of the season, you’ll make a lasting impression all summer long.