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Posted: June 08, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

It should come as no surprise that happy workers are better workers, especially when it comes to your bottom line. In fact, studies have shown that happiness at work increases productivity by an average of 12 percent!
There are many easy ways to improve workplace morale—even if your office is generally a positive one. Hand out fun swag to everyone in your workplace as an added bonus.

Have on office picnic or barbeque

Break up the typical workday with a picnic or barbeque. The 24-Can Convertible Duffel Cooler makes it easy to haul beverages, plus it has plenty of pockets for storing other essentials. As the event winds down, put employees’ names in a drawing and raffle off the cooler. If you want more than one grand prize, try the Picnic Time Catalina Picnic Basket, complete with mugs, silverware and a corkscrew. Make sure everyone gets some swag by putting each beverage in a fun KOOZIE® Color Changing Can/Bottle Kooler. The exterior changes color when exposed to the heat of a hand. Give each employee a Clip It Portable Cutlery Set. This fork, knife and spoon set stores easily inside a plastic case, making it ideal for picnics (and they can use it later with their sack lunches).

Sponsor an in-office sports team

An O.C. Tanner survey found that 72 percent of employees who have a best friend at work are satisfied with their jobs, while only 54 percent of those who don’t have a best friend at work expressed job satisfaction. The bottom line is workplace friendships matter. Helping employees connect outside of work will improve relationships. One way to do this is by sponsoring an office sports team. Find your office’s most popular game, be it kickball, soccer or softball, and offer fun promotional products as an incentive to sign up. The Ball Buddy Drawstring Sportpack is designed to withstand wear and tear and has an external mesh pocket perfect for a ball. The Gildan® 5.3 oz. Cotton T-Shirt for men or women is available in 68 colors, making it easy to match it to your company’s brand. The Mod Tritan Bottle is stylish, durable and a great way to keep the team hydrated. And the Sports Cooling Towel will help players cool down after each game.

Hand out snacks and treats

Studies have shown that 67 percent of employees with access to free food at work are happy. Consider treating your staff to an assortment of sweet and savory snacks. The Dazzling Nut Elegance tin offers a variety of tasty nut-based treats, including milk chocolate-covered almonds and jumbo cashews. The 6-Way Tin brings together popcorn, pretzels and party mix, offering a little something for everyone.  Make mouths water with the Party Snack Starter Package. If you prefer to keep individual snacks on hand, Tasty Treats – Chocolate Sunflower Seeds are a tempting sweet and salty combination.

Put a theme on it

Shake things up in your workplace and throw a theme day that offers entertainment, games and fun promotional products. Have your staff try their hands at the Prize Putt with Case, which turns putting into a carnival game. Or let them play a classic game of Wooden Ring Toss for prizes or bragging rights! Or select an obscure holiday and offer some fun swag to go with it. For instance, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” would pair well with Chocolate Coins and Paper Pirate Hats.

Fun times and fun swag make for a fun work day

An office full of smiles is a place that everyone wants to be. With a company picnic, an entertaining office theme day and some fun swag, you can bring joy and camaraderie to your business.