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| Updated: September 15, 2022

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in March 2019 and has since been updated to incorporate the latest data and camping promotional items.

You know the old saying: Baseball is America’s pastime. It turns out that might not actually be true. Only 11% of people said baseball was their favorite sport to watch, while there was an 18% year-over-year increase in camping from 2020 to 2021. So maybe camping is the new national pastime!

If you have a client who can’t wait to head to the woods for the weekend or is planning a week-long hiking trip, camping promotional items will have them thinking about your brand with every campfire, s’more and breath of fresh air.


Two houses side by side, each with one tent pitched in front of them.


Camping gear

Camping requires at least some gear. Americans spend roughly $167 billion annually on camping gear and related expenses. Choosing camping giveaways for your next promotion can help spread your brand to everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to those whose idea of outdoor adventures is a nap in a backyard hammock.


A tent and lantern with a logo.


A Clara Clip Flashlight covers just about any situation. It has a clip to attach to a backpack or belt loop, making it perfect for late-night hikes or to have on hand in case of a power outage at home.

Anytime someone is heading on an adventure, there’s a risk of injury. Help them handle minor bumps and bruises with the Safe Care First Aid Kit. It’s great to carry on a hike or even to have at a soccer game.

The Silicon Collapsible Bottle works equally well for someone who wants to stay hydrated during the workday or for someone who wants to fill their water at the campground.

And the Outdoor Multifunction Tool Kit is a handy tool. It’s ideal for keeping in a camper, but it’s also great to have on hand to open a bottle at a company barbecue.


Camping snacks

People on camping trips typically participate in various physical activities, including hiking, canoeing and climbing. Having healthy snacks on hand can keep your campers fueled and ready for action.

A Resealable Kraft Snack Pouch – Trail Mix or Snack Tube will help them keep their energy up and appetite satisfied. And there’s nothing more rewarding after a day of fun than a sweet treat. The S’mores Kit comes with everything needed to make the delicious camping favorite.


Outdoor seating

Nature often provides excellent views, but it doesn’t always offer a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the sights. The Crossland® Camping Chair folds up, making it a camping promotional item that is easy to transport from home to camp to a favorite fishing spot.

For something easy to carry, the Rollup Fleece Blanket is a great option, thanks to its roll-up design. Plus, it has a water-resistant backing to keep campers dry. The Camping Table & Chairs to Go has a collapsible table and chairs—all of which fold up to fit in an included zippered case.


Al fresco cooking gear

There’s nothing quite like making a meal outdoors—in fact, 75% of people say the smell of a barbeque brings back happy memories. What’s more, consumers’ annual spend on grills, smokers, camping stoves and accessories is in the ballpark of $4.9 billion.


Side view of RV with kettle hanging over campfire, chair, water bottle and guitar.


These higher-end outdoor promotional items are ideal for a top customer or employee who loves to cook outside.

The Coleman® Roadtrip Instastart Propane Party Grill comes with its own carrying case for easy hauling and it can be started without matches. It pairs well with the 18-Piece BBQ Set in Case, which comes with every utensil needed to baste, turn or carve. Store dry goods, utensils and more in the spacious Coleman 28-Can Backpack Cooler with an insulated area to keep food and beverages cool.

Man sitting in logoed camping chair at campfire with logoed water bottle and hat.

Head outside with camping promo items

As they head out for a week (or just a weekend) of fun in the great outdoors, these camping promotional items are sure to make happy campers out of your customers and employees. Get more camping ideas in this article.