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| Updated: February 10, 2023 4 min read

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in February 2020 and has since been updated to reflect the latest research plus the best promotional gifts.

Do you appreciate your staff? And more importantly, do they feel it? Employee recognition can have huge payoffs for your business. Studies show morale, productivity and performance improve when managers show appreciation for their team. And one of the best ways to demonstrate that appreciation is by sharing the best promotional gifts with your staff.


1/3 of employees wish their manager showed them more appreciation. This


It’s true! 81% of employees say they feel appreciated when they receive a gift from their employer. And 69% say they would work harder if they felt their contributions were noticed by management.


Man working at desk. Employee of the month award is on the wall.


If you’re looking for ways to show staff how important they are to your business, we have some of the best promotional gift ideas to demonstrate your attitude of gratitude.


Promotional gift ideas for holiday fun all year long

Sharing a holiday gift with your employees is a great way to celebrate their contribution to your company’s success. And while many people think of the holidays as those that happen between Thanksgiving and the New Year, there are several other well-known and obscure holidays throughout the year that provide opportunities to share the love with employees.


Staff appreciation gifts for anniversaries

Employee anniversaries present a great opportunity to provide individual recognition along with a staff appreciation gift that speaks to their hobbies and interests. Callaway® Warbird Golf Balls are an appropriate gift for someone who spends their time on the back nine, while the Crossland® Camp Chair is a fitting choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

No matter which gift you share, the best gifts come with a personal note. A handwritten note is more likely to be viewed as authentic, genuine and memorable than messages sent through other mediums.


A handwritten note imprinted with a logo.


Record your words of appreciation on A Big Thank You Greeting Card to make a big impression.


Welcome new staff to the team with the best promotional gift ideas

An employee’s first day of work is the perfect time to give them a warm welcome while gearing them up for their new position.

A Silk Touch Performance Sport Polo will help them fit in with the team from day one. Take new hires on a tour that includes the breakroom where they can get a Yowie® Vacuum Travel Tumbler for their coffee, water or other favorite beverage. And provide a Mini Journal with Pen, Flags & Sticky Notes so they can keep track of everything they’re going to learn in the coming weeks.

For employees who will be spending a lot of time on the road, these promotional gift ideas will make every trip a breeze. An RFID Laptop Backpack helps keep their computer and other gear in reach on every train and plane, while a Nomad Duffel will get them ready to hit the road. And an easy-to-pack The North Face® Insulated Jacket is a staff appreciation gift that ensures they’re prepared for any weather as they travel from coast to coast.


Staff appreciation gifts for meeting goals

Employee goals vary from perfecting a new procedure to smashing a sales record—and all of them are worth celebrating. Congratulate your staff on wins large and small with gifts ranging from a Nitro Wireless Speaker to a Koozie® Rowdy Fanny Pack Kooler.


The best promotional gifts keep on giving

Every time you show employees the love, you’re rewarding your business too. Choose the best promotional gifts to recognize a job well done. Whether you give a shirt, blanket or bag, showing employee appreciation goes a long way.