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Posted: December 08, 2017 | Updated: March 10, 2021

It’s a fact—organization makes life easier. The average person wastes 55 minutes every day looking for items they know they own, but can’t find. That’s almost a day’s worth of work each week! Promotional organizers not only help customers and employees save time and energy, but also leave a positive impression of your brand. Try one of these practical organizational giveaways to help keep their home or office neat and orderly.


Office organizers

A tidy office increases productivity, saves time and improves focus. Eliminate paper clutter on desks with the 13 Pocket File. This expandable file makes it easy to store and find important documents. Keep stacks of adhesive notes neatly organized in the Office Buddy Cube. Simply open the cube to reveal adhesive pads in several sizes and colors, ideal for jotting notes, important dates and more. The stylish Organizer Desk Box comes with spots for a phone, tablet and other important items. With hidden holes for charging cables and a small storage drawer, it’s easy to keep office essentials in place.


Tech organizers

It seems almost everyone is waging a constant battle against tangled cords and cables from their electronic devices. Keeping them organized is easy with promotional organizers. In purses or bags, try the Gumbrite Spinni Cable Organizer. Simply open the organizer, wrap cords around its spindle and close to keep in place. The Fold Up Tech Organizer keeps multiple tech accessories in order thanks to zippered pockets, elastic bands, mesh pockets and a wrap-around closure. The versatile Magnetic Cord Clip not only keeps cords organized, but also doubles as a handy phone stand. With the Commuter Tech Case, employees will be ready to go at the next big meeting. This useful organizer comes with pockets for USB drives, chargers, adapters and a smartphone.


Travel organizers

Staying organized on the road can be more difficult than staying organized at home. These promotional organizers keep track of all the essentials while traveling. Stop phones from sliding between the seats with the Car Vent Phone Holder. It clips onto the vehicle’s vents, allowing for hands-free talking on the road. For those who spend the day jumping from activity to activity, the Life in Motion XL Cargo Box can hold workout gear, groceries and more. When not in use, simply fold down for easy storage. Perfect for toiletries and other small accessories, the Traveling Organizer Set is a great giveaway for frequent flyers. Need a larger toiletry bag? The Urban Passage Utility Kit is a great option. In addition to large mesh pockets, it also comes with a hook for easy hanging.


Home organizers

Eliminate household clutter with handy organizational promotional products. Smartly arrange scarves, ties, jewelry and other accessories with the Skirt Accessory Organizer. It comes with vinyl pockets, Velcro® loops and square openings to help them consolidate. Keep plastic grocery bags out of sight but easily accessible with the Plastic Bag Organizer. For tools, craft supplies, office items and more, the Loft Storage Organizer keeps clutter out of drawers and cabinets. Grommets on the top make it easy to hang on a wall or doorway.


A place for everything and everything in its place

Get your promotions in order with promotional organizers. Every neat and organized space your promotional product builds will remind recipients of your brand.