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Posted: April 27, 2018 | Updated: July 12, 2023

Organized, clutter-free workspaces do more than just give your office a professional look. Clean work spaces can increase productivity, reduce stress levels and help team members meet deadlines. In addition, decluttering has been shown to make people happier. These four ideas to declutter the office are sure to help organize even the messiest spaces.


Pick up paper

Keeping important documents and papers organized makes it easier to find what’s needed, saving both time and energy. These office promotional products can help. With plenty of pockets, the 6 Pocket File makes sorting documents easy. Plus, the heavy-duty material ensures it can be used again and again. The Leather Accordion File Folder is a stylish way to keep track of important papers. It comes with a magnet closure and an extra front pocket for storage. The Multi-Function Document Holder comes with four folder slots plus a slide-lock envelope for small items like pens, USB drives and charging cables.


Untangle tech items

From chargers to earbuds to small electronics, workspaces usually have several cords. Stop items from tangling with tech promotional products. Wrap cords in the Snap-In Cord Organizer to keep them orderly in the office or on the go. With 10 pockets and four elastic bands, the Fold Up Tech Organizer can organize multiple cords and tech items. Take tech on the road by simply rolling up the organizer and securing it with the adjustable strap. Secure cords in the Lasso Cable Organizer and store in a drawer or bag for quick accessibility. The cord lasso is adjustable, making it easy to organize cords of multiple sizes.


Clear the desktop

Desktops fill up fast and without proper storage, they easily become cluttered. Office promotional items can help keep desktops organized. The compact Office Buddy Cube comes with adhesive notes and flags and has space to hold pens, scissors and more. Stay on schedule with the Desktop Clock/Organizer. It keeps track of the date and time while storing pens, scissors and other small items. The Desk Buddy works overtime as a phone stand, pen holder and bank. Try the Organizer Foam Puzzle Cube for a unique option. The puzzle pieces fit together to form a cube with holes in the top to hold pens and other items.


Organize on the go

Working while traveling makes it difficult to keep track of everything. Padfolios make handy office promotional products to ensure everything needed for a productive day is on hand. With durable stitched sides, the elegant Leather Zippered Portfolio has pockets for business cards, pens and other important items. In addition, the zippered closure keeps things secure from meeting to meeting. Stock the Maxx Padfolio with promotional material and give it to customers as a practical gift. It’s a great way to say thanks while making a positive impression. The pop of color on the front of the Prism Padfolio makes this item stand out while the writing pad and multiple pockets ensure they stay organized.


Leave an organized mark

Encourage a neat workspace for employees and customers with these office promotional items. With a little effort, staying organized is easy. And clutter-free offices help everyone have a happier, more productive day.