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Posted: February 08, 2019 | Updated: January 02, 2021

Our technology products merchandising expert, Michelle, has identified several trends that can help you effectively market the latest logo-printed tech swag. Your customers, prospects and employees are sure to appreciate useful tech promotional items that will keep your brand in front of them for years.


Use technology to protect your customers’ homes with these Wi-Fi devices

Home security is becoming more important and easier than ever because of the growing selection of wireless solutions. Show your customers how much you care about their safety and security with four practical imprinted devices that use Wi-Fi to send a signal to homeowners via their smartphone or other device.

The Wi-Fi Home Security Kit includes a window/door sensor, motion sensor and siren. Use a Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell to see, hear and speak to visitors from a phone or other device. The Wally Wi-Fi Smart Plug controls lights, TVs and other electronics from a phone. And a Home Wi-Fi Camera can record video, still photos and sound on a micro-SD card. Your employees will feel safer, thanks to these high-tech, easy-to-install security devices.


Aesthetic usability: Beautiful-looking products inspired by current décor and fashion trends

Combine high-tech devices with traditional fabric, wood or marble finishes and what do you get? Some fashionable tech swag that will get your name noticed at trade shows, open houses, seminars and other events.

Sharing tunes from a Bluetooth®-enabled device, like a smartphone or iPad®, is easy with the Marble Look Bluetooth Speaker. A multicolor light in the center draws attention to your logo as it flashes to the beat. A rechargeable lithium battery charges quickly and offers up to 90 minutes of playback. Your laser-engraved logo looks amazing on this mahogany-finish Bora Wooden Wireless Charging Pad. It can wirelessly charge a Qi®-enabled cell phone or other device. What an excellent executive gift! The stylish black-and-white cotton canvas cord of the Paramount Duo Charging Cable will certainly catch their eye—and so will your debossed logo on the wrap strap. A clever duo connector is compatible with both Android® and iPhone®. The PopSockets® Phone Stand is an ultra-trendy product with two practical uses: It makes their phone easier to hold when taking selfies or texting, and it props the phone up when they want to watch videos. Now you can get genuine PopSockets® with two real-wood finishes (bamboo or rosewood) and a laser-engraved logo—or choose a marble finish with a full-color logo. These classy giveaways will impress the crowds at your next event.


Spotlight your logo: Light-up items make your name shine brightly

These fun tech items all feature your brand in lights. As customers or prospects use them, your logo will be a constant reminder of who gave them the great gift. The Shine Light-Up Logo USB Wall Charger is laser-engraved to show the white light shining through the face of the charger, which can supply power to multiple devices at once. The Clear View Light-Up Duo Charging Cable Keychain is a fun, low-cost giveaway and a bright idea for any tech lover. It’s a handy way to carry three connectors, and the base (with your imprint) lights up. Throw a little light on their keyboard or work area with the Touch Control USB Light. This inexpensive, flexible light plugs into a computer’s USB port for a quick light source that goes on with a finger touch. These LED lights are easy to store, move and hand out anywhere. Employees will want them for their laptop bags when traveling, too. The Triangle Light-Up Logo Bluetooth® Speaker has a stylish shape—and your laser-engraved logo lights up, thanks to the internal LEDs. This exceptional promo gift plays tunes from a Bluetooth-enabled device and provides up to four hours of playback time. What a perfect milestone gift for employees or fun award at sales meetings!


Twice the value: Dual-purpose tech products at one low price

If you want to get maximum value for your promotional dollars (and frankly, who doesn’t?), why not hand out these dual-purpose tech promotional items that offer two uses for one low price! Take a look and imagine how you could use these dynamic duos for your next promotion.

On-the-go runners, walkers and hikers will love the Rumble Bottle with Bluetooth® Speaker, made of stainless steel or plastic in two sizes. The Bluetooth speaker attaches to the bottom of the bottle for easy transport. What a great gift to promote your wellness program! Wireless ear buds are extremely popular, but combine them with a power bank and you have the Rockvale True Wireless Ear Buds with Power Bank. The power source charges not only the ear buds but also most phones and other small devices, too. The Eclipse 4 Port USB Hub Phone Stand offers an imprinted phone stand and four standard USB ports for transferring files and charging devices. What a way to impress vendors, executives or your best customers.