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Posted: April 08, 2022 5 min read

Why do we love it when our customers talk about their top promo items? Because we love:


  • Learning how a business took things to the next level.
  • Hearing the ways nonprofits help their community.
  • Knowing which of the top promo products consumers can’t wait to get their hands on.
  • Sharing these inspirational stories with you.

And why do we love sharing them with you? Because if their win inspires your win, and your win inspires someone else’s win, we might just create a web of wins that never stops growing. Check out these ideas and see if you can help create the next win.


Win #1: Drinkware

Coffee, water, juice and soda—so many drinks, so many ways to keep them hot or cold, and convenient to have on hand. That’s why drinkware is always a top promo item.

  • “Our charitable organization was celebrating 25 years in our community, and we wanted to mark this occasion. As Covid restrictions made it impossible for us to have a get-together for this event, we applied for 4imprint’s one-by-one charitable program and received mugs with our logo and celebration memo to distribute as a thank-you to our participants, board members, staff and supporters.” – Michelle from Carman Family Resource Centre
  • “I ordered coffee mugs and wine tumblers. They came out great with my name and logo on them. Clients loved the small gesture. Handing these out was great advertising at a decent price!” – Josh from Royal Lepage Martin Liberty
  • “We are a public school and used the travel mug as a thank-you gift for speakers or volunteers and to help enhance our ‘brand’.” – Robbie from St. George School – Louis Riel School Division
  • “[These mugs were] part of the Employee Xmas packages. Additional items will be used for advertising/promotional gifts. Very well liked and the colors and branding stand out and stayed true to color.” – Belinda from Avalanche Air Systems Ltd.


Win #2: Bags

Give them away empty. Fill them with supplies. Either way, branded bags are an ideal way to care for and connect with customers.

  • “We were participating in a pop-up shop. Almost every patron entering the venue was handed one of our bags. It was nice to watch the sea of our bright blue bags over the shoulders and in the hands of hundreds of people…. Hard to miss, which in turn had people coming to our booth for more information.” – Clive from Crystal Clear Audio and Visual Solutions
  • “[The sportpacks] were used as promotional materials for prospective students.” – Nicole from St. Joseph High School
  • “[These were] used as Christmas gift bags for all our staff (multi-purpose, used throughout the year).” – Ashwini from Moose Factory Island District School Area Board
  • “We are dog trainers and like to have a bag for our students to use with their training tools.” – Sue from Dogs in the Park


Win #3: Apparel

Shirts, jackets and other apparel help staff, customers and your brand look good. That’s why they are top promo products.

  • “We like for all of our employees to show our name somewhere as they represent us. For our installation division – T-shirts and long-sleeve tees are the best way to do that.” – Dave from Soo Mill & Lumber
  • “[These jackets were a] gift for all our employees to promote their loyalty to our company. And also, it is a colder environment, and we want our employees to be warm while working.” – Janice from Mountain Top Foods
  • “With a quality garment, staff were proud to wear their vests at work and at home. This in turn helped to boost our sales with a positive and professional presenting team and community advertising.” – Liam from The Wellesley
  • “In Healthcare, the Covid situation has been a terrible drag on the employees. The gift from the Management and the OH&S committee has been a help toward morale. A small recognition by giving each employee a jacket to thank them for all that they have done is a small way to say thank you and [to] say we support you in what you do for the residents of our Care Home.” – Darrell from Alberni-Clayoquot Continuing Care Society


Win #4: Pens, notebooks and more

Sometimes it isn’t just the perfect giveaway—it’s the right giveaway for the perfect occasion. These top promo products helped to build relationships at just the right time.

  • “We use these as a giveaway at trade shows. Our customers love our pens.” – Dave from Alliance Genetics Canada
  • “This notebook was a great little promotional item we included in gift bags for attendees. The price was within our budget!” – Judy from Hasmark Publishing International
  • “I ordered many items [including this keychain] to send out to grads and alumni from our school. They were shipped with a number of other products we ordered from other companies. 4imprint impressed us and we have continued ordering the rest of our desired products from them.” – Gordon from Heritage Christian Online School
  • “[This stress ball was] used as giveaway in swag bags at charity golf tournament.” – William from Farrow Riverside Miracle Park


Top promo items for the win

What’s your top promo item? Head to our #SwaggingRights page and tell us all about the item that’s helping you connect with customers.