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| Updated: March 23, 2021

Principals everywhere agree: School spirit is cool! The majority (89 percent) say the level of school pride directly correlates with student achievement. According to one survey, high school students with school spirit were happier and more engaged socially and civically. They also had better academic performance than their less-spirited classmates.

If you’re looking for ways to boost school spirit at your elementary, junior high or high school, look no further. We offer several ideas to instill school pride with a little help from promotional school spirit items.

How to boost school pride

School spirit days

Hold school pride days, like “School Spirit Friday,” and encourage students to wear school colors or logo’d attire. Increase involvement by rewarding the class with the most participants. Winners take home a school spirit giveaway, such as silicone bracelets or pennants.


Does your school spirit apparel need a refresh? What better way to rally school pride than to hold a T-shirt design contest. Students of all ages can submit their drawing for consideration. Then have students vote for their favorite. Imprint T-shirts with the new design and hand them out at your next pep rally or school-wide event.

Extracurricular activities

One in three high-school students who participate in extracurricular activities agree their involvement is a way to show school spirit. Boost participation and crowd support with promotional school spirit items. School polo shirts and jerseys will help club members and athletes show their pride. At athletic events, fans can show their loyalty with temporary tattoos and clappers  while cheering on their team.

Celebrations and assemblies

Hold periodic celebrations to honor your school and its people. An assembly or pep rally is a great tradition that helps build school pride. Share school songs, chants, cheers and more. Add some excitement with a visit from the school mascot or a guest speaker. Hand out a few rally hands and pom-poms to stir up the fun.

Observe history

Honor your school’s history by celebrating it. Teach students about your school’s past—when it was founded, what school life was like back then, what students were like—and discuss how things have changed. Commemorate your school’s anniversary each year with a birthday party. Students can dress up in clothing reminiscent of the time your school was built, perform a service project to honor your school, or simply sing happy birthday and enjoy some cake and ice cream.


Your school will be roaring with pride when you implement some of these ideas and pair them with promotional school spirit items. Whether you’re celebrating the past or looking to the future, school spirit is bound to soar.