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Posted: July 09, 2021 | Updated: August 18, 2021 5 min read

When you think about it, a branded gift or giveaway has two main jobs. One is to show off your brand name in a memorable way. The other is to be so cool, fun or useful that customers will use it over and over again. But with thousands and thousands of items to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one.

To help inspire you, we reached out to the experts—our customers! They share their success and their perfect promo products.

Three cheers for drinkware

Cups, mugs, tumblers, wine glasses—there are so many drinkware options that it is easy to find one that works for your brand. Drinkware is useful and long lasting. That makes it a top branded gift for so many organizations.

Safety first

More than ever before, customers are glad to know that you’re taking their safety into consideration. When in doubt, put safety first!

Memorable and unexpected

Sometimes, it’s the unexpected choice that makes a difference. Unique items can grab attention at an event or have your customers sharing with family, friends or social media.

  • “Intended to use these [gavel stress relievers] as prizes for a Zoom Ethics Trivia game. They were so popular, all members will receive one.” – Bonnie at American Inns of Court
  • “Gave these [rubber ducks] away at a ‘Bunny Hop’ neighborhood civic event. I had one week’s notice, and you guys came through in 2 days! These were great, and parents appreciated something that wasn’t candy. The adults wanted them as much as the kids!” – Sean
  • “These blankets are super soft and warm! Our team loved receiving them as a Christmas present!” – Ashley from MC
  • “During the Q90FM’s 2020 Lights of Christmas fundraiser @ Culver’s®, the Fox Crossing PD was handing out these chip clips to all who made a donation to the cause that day. They were a great incentive to promote the charitable program and to generate community contributions!” – Daniel from Fox Crossing Police

Bag your brand

Bags carry your brand—and so much more—everywhere your customers go. Ensuring your organization’s name is getting shared at work, at the gym and while shopping is what makes bags such a perfect giveaway.

  • “We gave away the totes, backpacks, and power banks as part of our staff appreciation week. As a long-term care facility, we celebrated National Skilled Nursing Care Week this May with these gift items and refreshments such as the vegetables pictured. Our staff have worked hard throughout the pandemic to keep our community safe, and we wanted to thank them for their dedication!” – Emily from The Boston Home
  • “We are a keto bakery and meal prep company. These fabulous bags are used for our customers’ weekly meals. We, and they, love them!” – SARI from The Keto Bakery Box
  • “This bag, which is BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT, is being used to deliver pampering items for a Virtual Women’s Retreat for our institution. We have received compliments on the quality and beauty of the bag and are so appreciative of the quick turn-around and high-quality work 4imprint provided throughout this experience!” – C.
  • “Robertson Realty was looking for new ways to partner with other local businesses—And this bag is Perfect! I partnered with a local tasting room and when her customers buy 3 or more bottles of wine, they get the bottles packaged in this logoed bag. Great way to get both of our business names out there plus it is a nice bag for the customer. Win, Win, Win!” – Jana from Robertson Realty

Now it’s your turn

Have you discovered a top branded gift or giveaway? We want to hear all about it. Head to our #SwaggingRights page and let us know what bag, blanket or other branded item is working for you.