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Posted: September 04, 2020 | Updated: September 21, 2020 4 min read

Technology is everywhere these days, and that’s also true in the world of printing. Traditional screen printing remains a popular and successful promotional imprint option, but there are a few other methods out there to make your logo pop on custom coffee mugs, tumblers, travel mugs and other drinkware.

Mae, the resident drinkware expert from 4imprint’s merchandising department, took time to discuss some popular promotional imprint options for mugs and more. Her suggestions might inspire you to drink outside the box.

Full-colour and wrap imprints give you branding power on all sides


“Wrap imprints have always been tough to explain,” Mae said. “We did a video a while ago that we have now added to our top-selling ceramic items. It explains this imprint method a bit more and shows how wrap imprints are done as well.”  A wrap imprint simply means that your logo or design wraps around the mug or other drinkware, so it can be seen on both sides. Keep in mind that centre of your imprint will typically be opposite the handle of the mug, but you can put your logo anywhere within the imprint area. Here is an item that shows the wrap imprint video: https://www.4imprint.ca/product/C107670-C/Campfire-Ceramic-Mug-Colours-15-oz

Your customer service representative will be happy to answer any questions that come up when ordering.  

“Full-colour imprints are a way to make a bold statement with your logo—and they’re ideal for complex artwork or photographs,” Mae said. “We have full-colour imprints available on all categories in drinkware. The most popular are ceramic mugs like the Value White Coffee Mug and Campfire Coffee Mug; beverage holders like the Full Colour Pocket Coolie; and glassware like the Pint Glass. Full-colour imprints really catch their attention!”


Make lasting impressions: laser engraving and deep etching


Laser-engraved stainless steel and aluminum drinkware—as well as etched imprints on ceramics and glassware—make a lasting impression because that printing is physically etched onto the surface, Mae explained. “Laser engraving and deep etching give your imprint a polished and professional appearance,” she said. “Artwork is engraved or etched by removing the top coat of paint and revealing the product material layer underneath.” This technique for custom imprinted drinkware is popular on our Yowie Vacuum Travel Tumbler, Crossland® Vacuum Mug, Accord Vacuum Stainless Bottle with Wood Lid and Refresh® Mayon Vacuum Bottle.


Clear impact imprints are clearly different


“This is something that we decided to do a few years ago because of the popularity of a clear-body item, the Colour Scheme Spirit Tumbler. We decided our images would show the clear product with an imprint colour that coordinated with the item’s lid and straw,” Mae explained. “It did so well that we decided to highlight this look by setting up some of our sport bottles—especially our Exclusive Refresh® bottles—to have the imprint match the trim colour on the clear item.  “We have quite a few successful sport bottles broken out into what we call Clear Impact, meaning that your imprint colour will coordinate with the lid colour on the bottle. With the clear or white product background, your imprint really pops!” Other popular bottles include the Clear Impact Halcyon Water Bottle with Flip Straw and Clear Impact Comfort Grip Bottle. There is even a new vacuum Sport bottle, the Clear Impact Swiggy Vacuum Bottle.


Stock graphics: simple and effective!


“When you want to make sure you are the only one touching or drinking from your drinkware, we also have products that have a solid white ID panel built into the imprint. Recipients can use a marker to write their name on the ID panel. Take a look at the ID Collapsible Neoprene Koozie® Can ID Sport Bottle with Push Pull Cap and ID Value Water Bottle,” Mae said. “You can also have our art team help you incorporate a solid white ID panel into other drinkware imprint areas.”


Want to make your logo pop? These promotional imprint methods are a refreshing choice for your next drinkware promotion.