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Posted: September 15, 2023

Fulfilling duties of a nonprofit is no easy task. By showing up daily and working hard to make an impact, these organizations make a positive difference in the lives of the people they serve. And promotional products for nonprofits lend a helping hand along the way.

These four stories show how different organizations implement nonprofit giveaway ideas using promo products provided by a 4imprint one by one® grant. With help from these items, charitable organizations provide life-changing services, from empowering former inmates to supporting underserved moms. Keep reading for stories that may warm your heart and inspire your own nonprofit giveaway ideas.


Facilitating a bright future for former inmates

Change Course empowers former inmates who are re-entering society after incarceration. During a six-week program, participants are encouraged to take control of their lives’ direction. This includes developing soft skills, building a resume, earning certifications and credentials, and getting connected to a job within their chosen career path.

With help from a one by one grant, the organization was able to provide backpack giveaways for program graduates. The backpacks are filled with gift cards, letters and various tools, plus written reminders that the graduates are in control of their own life and have everything they need to thrive. These resources help graduate program participants build a productive life for their families and themselves.


Baking loaves of hope and good health

Bread Club, part of Children First: CEO Kansas Inc., teaches children how to bake bread, some of which is donated for emergency food boxes. Social workers collaborate with schools to find underserved students who could be positively impacted by Bread Club. Many times, participation evolves into a family affair, with grandparents and grandchildren baking bread together.

Spatulas and measuring sets, purchased with a one by one grant, are given to anyone who attends Bread Club. The cooking supplies are used to bake the bread at Bread Club, and then participants get to keep them so they can continue to make healthy food at home.


Building belonging and promoting inclusion

One Day Niche helps people with cognitive disabilities who are too high-functioning to qualify for most disability programs, yet too low-functioning to have a job or attend college. Participants learn life skills that include cooking, cleaning and basic household maintenance. They also enjoy regular outings, volunteering and activities that help build social skills and self-confidence.

For someone who’s had minimal or no prior similar experiences, participating in these activities can be life changing and also provide a sense of community. Thanks to a one by one grant, team members gave baseball hats to participants to shade their heads during outdoor activities. The hats provide a sense of belonging and ownership too.


Showering new moms with support

Shiney Hiney Diaper Pantry is a beacon of hope for parents who are low-income, teenage, underprivileged or without a home. It provides supplies, especially diapers, for new moms. Every year, the team also hosts a much-anticipated mommy-and-me dance. They sponsor several pregnant attendees and load them up with baby essentials.

This year, the team used a one by one grant to order tote bags. During previous events, they noticed it was a struggle for the moms to carry all their new goodies. The tote bags solve that problem while also providing a reusable resource that makes life easier.


Interested in receiving promotional products for nonprofits?

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