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Posted: September 09, 2022 3 min read

Changing lives is at the heart of every nonprofit organization. With hard work, strategic planning and the help of nonprofit giveaways, nonprofits transform communities in unforgettable ways.

The stories that follow show how four very different charitable organizations use nonprofit promotional items, acquired with a one by one® grant, to provide essentials to new moms, give veterans a fresh start and more. If you love a touching story—or your nonprofit is in need of inspiration—keep reading.


Holistically helping new moms

EveryMom Chicago is a lifesaver for new moms in underserved communities. It gives much-needed newborn, post-partum and nursing kits to expectant and new mothers. These kits include everything from clothing and toiletries to breast pumps and strollers. EveryMom Chicago also connects new mothers with long-term resources and solutions.

With help from a 4imprint one by one® grant, EveryMom Chicago packs the post-partum kits in tote bags instead of gift bags. This frees up money that would have been used to buy the gift bags to purchase more important items that make a bigger difference.


Giving victims a fresh start

The Friends and Family of Jamie Rose Martin helps victims of domestic violence in every aspect. From providing immediate assistance with rent and bills to connecting victims with long-term solutions like therapy services, The Friends and Family of Jamie Rose Martin gives the right help, at the right time, to help victims start a new life.

With help from a 4imprint one by one grant, The Friends and Family of Jamie Rose Martin acquired nonprofit promotional items, like water bottles and bags with adhesive notes and pens to give to fundraiser participants.


Providing a new lease on life

Shelter to Soldier adopts dogs from local shelters and rescue organizations and trains them to become service dogs for veterans. By rescuing dogs who then provide unconditional love that helps each veteran recover and live life to the fullest, Shelter to Soldier is “Saving Lives, Two at a Time.”

At its two annual fundraisers, Shelter to Soldier gives attendees swag bags stocked with giveaways. With help from a 4imprint one by one grant, Shelter to Soldier was able to order nonprofit promotional items—branded drawstring bags—to use as its swag bag. The bags help keep the organization top-of-mind between fundraisers.


Giving back in more ways than one

The Friends Helping Friends Club (FHF) connects high school students with special needs students to help them excel socially, physically and educationally. The interactions change the high school students’ lives as they see first-hand the difference they make.

Every year, FHF takes everyone to a baseball game. This year, with help from a 4imprint one by one grant, FHF gave participants a baseball hat as a nonprofit giveaway to help everyone feel more connected.


Want to be the next recipient of free nonprofit promotional items?

If you’re employed by or serve on the board of directors of a 501(c)3 charity, accredited school or religious organization, visit onebyone.4imprint.com to find out how your charitable organization can receive free nonprofit giveaways.