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Posted: September 18, 2020 4 min read

More than half (51%) of Canadians would rather have a gift or more time off to celebrate the holiday season versus 22% who say they prefer a company-sponsored holiday party. If you’re looking for a fun way to keep the holiday spirit alive without in-person parties and large gatherings, we have fun ideas and promotional holiday gifts to show employees gratitude and appreciation.


Give back

The holidays are a time for giving. And there are a number of ways to give back while getting the whole team involved and making it a fun and spirited holiday tradition.


Split employees into teams. Put each team in charge of raising donations, like money or canned food. Whichever team raises the most gets to choose the charity the items will be donated to. Present the winning team with a small promotional holiday gift, like a cozy toque or a travel mug. Your team will have a blast competing, and they’ll feel good about giving back to their community.


Looking for another great idea? Choose your most spirited employees to participate in a holiday committee. Charge the group with finding local charities in need of donations or a family to adopt during the holidays. Use the budget that would usually go toward the large company holiday party to make a charitable contribution or buy gifts for a family in need. Thank committee members for their time with a commemorative gift, like an ornament.


Give gifts

About 1 in 4 employees report that a holiday gift from their employer helps make them feel valued. Forgo the same old, same old and opt for something new with unique promotional holiday gift ideas.


Remote team members will get use out of a tech accessory kit that includes a monitor and keyboard cleaner and wireless headphones. Do your staff members have a sweet tooth? Send an indulgent gift, like a holiday chocolate package. Or, to prepare your team for the upcoming winter season, fleece jackets are a gift your whole team will love.


Organize virtual events

Cookie swaps are a timeless activity. Give a classic tradition a modern twist with a virtual cookie tasting by sending each employee a spatula to whip up cookies or other holiday treats. Then, plan an afternoon to hop on a virtual call, taste test the cookies, and share some laughs and holiday spirit.


If a cookie swap isn’t your team’s cup of tea, try a morning coffee hour or post-workday virtual happy hour. Both are great ways to get the team together to bond. Invite employees to grab one of their favourite holiday beverages, hop on a call, and spend time chatting about non work-related items—like plans for the holidays and the upcoming year.


Celebrate the month

The holidays are a special time of year and a great excuse to make an average workday a little more fun and exciting. Plan small ways to get your team in the holiday spirit all month long.


Host an ugly Christmas sweater day. Schedule a 15-minute online meeting to allow everyone to connect, spread some holiday cheer, and show off their sweaters. Take a team vote for whose sweater has the most spirit. Reward the winners with a festive-coloured can cooler.


Or give the entire team an afternoon off to check things off their holiday to-do list, whether it includes gift shopping, decorating or baking.


The holidays are a special time of year. Putting a fun twist on some classic traditions can spice things up and give your employees something new to look forward to. Whether you choose one of these promotional holiday gift ideas, a virtual get together or both, your team is sure to feel the love.