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| Updated: September 21, 2020 4 min read

While keeping customers happy is a 24/7 job, going the extra mile to delight customers can certainly benefit your business. The stronger the bond with your customers, the more loyal they will be. It’s estimated that a 5% increase in customer retention leads to a 25% increase in profits.



As the end of the year approaches, understanding how to delight customers during the holidays will help every client feel a little extra special. And that’ll be good for business.

Put them on your gift list

Gift giving is powerful—it can help you establish an emotional connection with your prospects and clients.


If you plan to add customers to your holiday gift list, keep these things in mind:


  • Offices are often inundated with gifts during the last two weeks of the year. Help yours stand out by sending a present early. Whether you’re providing a holiday promotional item, a discount or a handwritten thank-you card, send it at the start of the month (or earlier) to create a more significant impact. (Bonus tip: It’s even better when it’s unexpected.)
  • When bringing holiday cheer to customers, remember people of all faiths celebrate multiple holidays during the festive season. If your customers have made you aware of a celebration they value, send them an appropriate gift. For example, if your client celebrates Hanukkah, they might appreciate a Jewish heritage calendar or Hanukkah ornament.
  • If you genuinely want to know how to delight customers: remember a few of their favourite things. Keep a mental (or written) list of your best customers’ hobbies, interests and more. Is your client a chocolate lover? Send them a tower of it. Did they recently share photos of their new baby? Send a baby blanket. Did you notice a photo of their pet displayed in their office? Give them collapsible pet bowls.


Reward loyalty


Longtime customers are worth their weight in gold—so what better time to celebrate and reward that than during the season of silver and gold? Offer your most loyal clients:

  • Exclusive access to a new product
  • A one-time deep discount on their most-used product or service
  • A dedicated account specialist to ensure they get top-notch service every day of the year


Set up a time to talk


Take a much-needed break and reach out to your customers. Set up a time to connect either virtually or in person—ask about their family, their holiday plans and other interests. Send a holiday promotional item in advance.


Give them a tumbler and their favourite beverage, whether it’s hot cocoa or coffee, to share during your chat. You can also provide a festive ornament to make their office a little more merry and bright.


Bring holiday cheer to everyone


Knowing how to delight customers during the holidays will help you create an emotional connection that helps keep your brand top of mind year round. And that’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.


Top takeaways:


  • Send your gift early so it’s more memorable.
  • Find ways to reward customer loyalty.
  • Set a time to have a non-business chat.