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Posted: September 07, 2018 | Updated: March 10, 2021

Food gifts are a favorite for corporate gift giving. After all, they’re budget friendly and satisfying. Plus, they’re perfect for any size company. Rebecca, our Merchandising Department gift foods guru, shared some insights just in time for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season. She recommends ordering early to avoid the hassles of last minute giving.

“Imprinted food gifts are classic and timeless promotional products,” she said. “You can find them being used everywhere: Mints at the reception desk, bottles of water at a fundraiser, gum packs at a tradeshow booth or appreciation gifts during the holiday season.”   Here are a few of her favorites:

Salty snacks

“The holidays are a perfect time to express your appreciation and gratitude to your business partners and customers,” Rebecca said. “We offer a large selection of food gifts at a variety of price points.”

Please an entire office with a large popcorn tin or the 7-Way Assortment Tin.  The Decadent Truffle Box is delicious and available in three size options to fit your budget.  The classic wooden box with your logo branded on the top comes with 10 different fill options, including nuts, toffee and chocolate turtles. After the snacks are eaten, the attractive box is a handy place to store office supplies and serves as a lasting reminder of your gift.”

Name-brand candies

“Brand names are big business. Co-brand your logo with a company that resonates with customers,” Rebecca said. “I’m sure some of you can remember the catchy commercials from the 90s for Mentos®. We sell them individually or in tubs of 250. (Your logo is on the front of each wrapper and Mentos is printed on the back.) Remind them of those bell-ringing holiday commercials with Hershey® kisses.  If you’d rather try a fruity candy, Skittles® are available in several different bag sizes.  And, my all-time favorite chewy candy, Swedish Fish®, are sold individually or in bags.”

Tongue-tingling mints

“Mints are great for any outdoor event, since you don’t have to worry about melting,” Rebecca explained. “Most of the tins and containers have a longer shelf life than chocolates and other food gifts. Be sure to check out our new shaped mints, available in 12 industry-related shapes (including cars, bones, dollar signs, houses and footballs). Also new are our mint tins with full-color lids.  Get round or rectangular tins in several colors and choose from cinnamon, wintergreen or peppermint flavored mints. The dome lid brings added value to your promo and the container can be re-used long after the mints are gone. Individually wrapped buttermints are perfect to put in a basket on office desktops or sign-in tables. Our Pastel Buttermints are sold in cases of 1,000 and include an imprint on the front and two locations on the back. The back imprint is perfect for your phone number, website address or tagline.”

Refreshing beverages

“Water is necessary for a healthy life, so help bring some life to your next promotion with bottled water.” Our Bottled Water is 100% spring water, not just bottled tap water. Each bottle has a high-quality, waterproof label with your full-color logo. “Cooler weather will be coming soon and with that comes the need for some warmth and comfort,” Rebecca says. “Provide customers with hot chocolate—it’s perfect for all ages. A Hot Chocolate Pouch is an inexpensive giveaway that can easily be paired with any drinkware item. Your logo is printed on a white label that appears on the front of the pouch. Try something more unique with the Individual Hot Chocolate On A Spoon. It’s a fun experience and comes in a variety of flavors.”