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Posted: August 21, 2020 3 min read

When it comes to organizing and planning, there’s nothing quite like putting a pen to paper to plan the day, week, month or year. Calendaring is a promising way to help everyone stay on track. It can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and help your team make every minute count. Set them up for success with calendar giveaways.


Refresh their memory

Research about brain-hand connection shows that people may remember things better if they write them rather than type them. Large Tent-Style Desk Calendars are the perfect addition to any desk or office. They allow everyone to see what’s on the schedule without being buried by tabs or open applications. A Classic Monthly Planner is another helpful tool to get organized and stay on task. Plus, it provides a chance to step away from the screen and decrease digital fatigue. Both calendar options are great for welcoming new employees or gifting customers during the holidays.


Stay on top of scheduling


A Desk Pad Calendar with Vinyl Corners keeps daily tasks and appointments in sight. The large writing space on these giveaway calendars makes organization and productivity a breeze. Maximize efficiency by color-coding dates and appointments with highlighters or multi-colored pens. Or easily shift meeting dates by writing them on removable adhesive notes. There’s no risk of distraction from email or apps when they check dates on the Ace Desk Calendar. Perfect for easy viewing and inexpensive gifting, this calendar folds flat, making it an ideal option for mailing.


Perfect for busy schedules


Are you and your team constantly on the go? Pocket calendar giveaways make associates aware of where they need to be and when. The Monthly Pocket Planner with Pen is the perfect addition to any travel bag or briefcase. Plus, planners are not only helpful for traveling, they also make it easy to look ahead and make future plans. In fact, productivity experts recommend carrying a small- to medium-sized notebook for planning needs. The Weekly Pocket Planner with Pen helps your team focus on what’s most important.


Giveaway calendars that stick around


Perhaps the most iconic of all calendar giveaways is the Magnetic Peel-n-Stick Calendar. It’s a great option for at-a-glance planning at home, at the office or anywhere else. The Calendar Magnet is an excellent mailable item to remind people of upcoming promotions, special dates and events. Help plan and promote your big days by highlighting important dates, like annual meetings or deadlines.


The benefits of paper calendars are real. From decreasing distractions to reducing stress, the act of physically writing down plans just might be what you and your team need to help with organization, productivity and efficiency. To make improvements in these areas and promote calendaring, look no further than calendar giveaways.


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