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Posted: November 03, 2023 4 min read

Are you looking for ways to share your brand message with a wide audience? Whether you want to promote an upcoming event, drive attendance to a webinar or reach new customers through direct mail, we have promotional item ideas that can help.

Promotional items can positively influence consumer behavior and increase the likelihood that people will work with your brand (PDF). What’s more, promo products are available at many different price points, making them the perfect way to help amplify your message, no matter your budget. Reach countless eyes and ears with these easy-to-implement promotional product ideas.


Elevate in-person events with handouts

Hosting a client appreciation day? Engage your audience with a hands-on activity. For example, teach valued clients how to assemble the perfect charcuterie board. Provide everyone with a  cutting board along with cheeses, meats and crackers. Invite an expert to share tips on presentation and flavor combinations. Serve a beverage that pairs well with their selections, like wine or sparkling grape juice, in goblets that customers get to take home.

Get creative at your next event. Send visitors on a mission to find puzzle pieces that are hidden throughout your exhibit. Those who find and assemble the pieces get to take a puzzle home. Enter them in a drawing to win a high-end prize, like an Igloo® cooler. Fill it with company literature, drinks and a discount coupon.


Drive virtual engagement with promotional items

Get prospects to agree to a virtual meeting where they can learn more about your products or services. Surprise and delight them by emailing an e-gift card to a nearby coffee shop before the meeting. Include a note telling them to be on the lookout for a coffee mug coming in the mail. Slip a handwritten note inside the mug to help keep your organization top of mind.

Want to encourage sign-ups for an upcoming webinar? Send prospects a branded welcome kit along with the details of the event. Include a journal and metal pen for notetaking. Provide early access to a high-level overview of talking points, and invite attendees to submit questions ahead of the session.

Challenge social media followers to create a caption for your next online promo. Not only does this help promote it, but it can also boost interest and engagement. Whoever creates the best caption receives an online shout-out and a branded shirt.


Reach the masses through direct mail

Boost awareness of your organization’s subscription offerings by designing a direct mail campaign that mimics the real deal. Send a teaser that includes sample products, a discount valid for a future purchase and a tumbler that’s imprinted with a QR code to a video unveiling the full subscription experience.

Give potential clients a virtual look at your new product line by sending out virtual reality glasses they can clip to their smartphone. Or send a USB drive pre-loaded with videos and imagery, as well as a luggage tag imprinted with a QR code that leads people to the new product or service landing page.


Amplify word-of-mouth buzz with referral handouts

Create a word-of-mouth referral program, and give referring customers an outdoor speaker to represent the volume they provide. Give the program an even bigger boost by running a contest. Provide participants with magnets imprinted with a unique referral link. When someone purchases from that link, reward the referrer with a high-end gift, like a Nike® backpack. Stock it with road-trip snacks and recommendations for nearby attractions.

Launch a customer spotlight series where satisfied customers are interviewed about their experiences with your brand and product or service offerings. Post on your website and social media pages, and invite others to share their positive experiences. Give a handwritten thank-you note and a pair of wireless earbuds to who contribute.


Powerful promotional product ideas

From in-person and virtual events to direct mail and word-of-mouth buzz, implementing the right promotional item ideas can give your organization the needed edge to reach its goals.