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Posted: August 28, 2020 3 min read

Research shows it takes five to seven impressions for someone to remember a brand. Light-up promotional items spotlight your logo by making it glow with every use, reminding them of your brand again and again.


These light-up promotional products are sure to spark customer interest.


Put power in their hands


People use their phones and tablets for just about everything—calling, texting, emailing, photos, even keeping track of time and appointments. The reliance on devices to keep us organized makes a “battery low” message worrisome, but it’s a great opportunity for your brand.


Thank those who “juice up your business” with referrals by sending them a wireless power bank. Or set up a referral program that offers gifts based on the number of referrals. A duo charging cable is a great tier one gift while a USB wall charger shows extra appreciation for frequent referrers.


Get your name seen


If you want to bring people into your brick-and-mortar business—and keep them coming back for more—light-up promotional products add visibility to your brand.


Add the EuroFit Light Clip to outdoor banners to pull people toward your business. And after they sign their credit card slip, let them keep a twist pen that puts your name in lights every time they use it.


Sound off


People listen to almost 32 hours of music per week, which means giving customers a way to hear their favorite tunes (or podcasts or audiobooks) is sure to be music to their ears.


If you’re looking for feedback on a new product or service, ask for it on social media. Put everyone who responds into a draw and offer light-up promotional items like Bluetooth® headphones, Bluetooth speakers or wireless ear buds as prizes.


Speaking of prizes, a light-up audio bottle makes a great one for employees taking part in a walking challenge. It’s sure to help elevate their heartbeat and hydration levels.


Support safety


Of course, lighting up the darkness isn’t just a way to make your logo look good—it also keeps customers safe whether they’re camping, walking or commuting at night. A key light or light-up safety armband will help people see (and be seen). They are ideal giveaways to share after a safety class or neighborhood watch meeting.


Your name in lights


Light-up promotional items will help your logo glow. By offering eye-catching items to customers and employees, your brand will shine bright in their mind.


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