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Posted: November 19, 2021 | Updated: March 10, 2022 3 min read

The holidays are almost here. If you don’t have all your client and employee gifts, you’re not alone. In fact, 1 in 4 Canadians wait until the last minute to buy their holiday gifts. If you’re in need of some thoughtful gifts that will be long remembered, we can help. Here are a few last-minute business gifts to make your life easier.


Discounts or vacation days

Sometimes you want something other than a physical item. Recipients will be thrilled with your memorable gift that stands out from others—like a personalized discount or even an extra vacation day for employees. Take it up another notch with a special presentation. Tape the discount code to the top of a small gourmet chocolate box or slip it inside a mini tote.

For employees, handwrite a note thanking them for their hard work and rewarding them with their extra day off. Deliver the note with a useful gift like a sling pack—perfect for shopping around town. Or give a calendar bookmark and urge them to spend their day off relaxing.


Pre-packaged gifts

Sweet treats and hot drinks aren’t just delicious. They’re also easy to dress up for the holidays. Make it easy on yourself by ordering gifts that are ready to give the moment they arrive. Go for a cube of chocolate malt balls that’s tied up with a bow. Or give out a chocolate bar wrapped in a custom design. You won’t want to miss the must-have cookie mailer with multi packs of chocolate chip cookies in a custom box. And this mini s’mores kit is full of nostalgia.


Gift sets and pairings

For an impressive gift, double it up. Look for items that pair well together. Like a faux leather journal and pen set. It makes the perfect gift for clients and employees who like to doodle, jot notes or journal in their spare time.

A knit beanie with a scarf will keep their head and hands warm on the chilliest day. Recipients will be very thankful for your brand every time they suit up for the outdoors. And a wooden coaster set has a woodsy, rustic feel perfect for resting a cup of cocoa on while in front of the fire. Clients and employees may even decide to keep their coasters (and your logo) displayed once the holidays are over.


Non-themed gifts

A great way to stand out from other gift givers is to choose something not focused on the holiday. Select items that would normally be considered spring and summer items. For instance, send loyal clients and hardworking employees a barbeque tool set along with some favorite recipes. Or a fully loaded all-purpose picnic basket cooler.

For customers and employees alike, gift an adjustable ball cap. Pair with a foldable flyer or hockey puck to provide hours of fun with friends and family.


Share joy with last-minute business gifts

With these last-minute business gifts perfect for clients and employees, you can celebrate even when you’re down to the wire. Now that’s something to celebrate!