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| Updated: January 05, 2021

Whether for business or pleasure, tech devices and the internet have become an integral part of our daily lives. From email to streaming video to social networking, the average Canadian spends almost 37 hours each month using the internet. That’s more than anywhere else in the world!


Canada has the highest internet usage in the world.


When it comes to technology, a whopping 60 percent of people believe it makes our lives better. Technology is seen as useful for communicating with others, saving time, making informed decisions and even helping to improve creativity. Plus, it’s fun! People spend their time online gaming, creating content, streaming videos, shopping and more. So why not excite customers and employees with a tech giveaway they’ll use daily!


Simplify tech life at work

Tech devices are an important part of the work day. Desktop computers, laptops and smartphones allow workers to send email, perform research, create content, hold virtual meetings, and listen to music or podcasts. Help keep battery levels out of the red with the Slider Phone Stand Power Bank. This tech promotional product can charge any phone that has a USB charging cable—and it doubles as a phone stand. With a built-in mic, the Taffy Microphone Flat Wire Ear Buds make listening to music or taking calls a breeze. For a professional look at every meeting, the Wall Street Laptop Bag helps protect their laptop and other electronics. It makes a considerate and useful gift for long-time customers or employees.


Make technology fun

Create a positive impression with fun gadget gifts. Listening to music can help relieve stress, improve mood and lower blood pressure. Help recipients jam out to their favourite tunes with the Pop Up Portable Speaker. This compact speaker doubles as a charger for the music device connected to it. Provide a fun way to prop up their phone with the Hands On Gadget Stand. The uniquely designed phone stand makes it easy to watch videos or keep an eye out for calls. For a new video or gaming experience, the Veracity Virtual Reality Headset is a stand-out tech giveaway that lets them escape to a virtual world anytime, anywhere.


Ease the daily routine

Sixty-six percent of people believe technology saves them time.


66% of people use technology to save time.


Make life easier with one of these tech giveaways. With the Carabiner USB Drive, recipients won’t have to worry about a “storage full” warning. This small flash drive clips to a bag or keychain for extra file storage anywhere. Ensure they have power whenever they need it by giving them a 4-in-1 Charging Cable. A variety of connectors makes this item a versatile promotional tool because it’s compatible with almost any device. Prevent frustrating cord tangles with the Lasso Cable Organizer. It helps keep cords neat and organized.


Appeal to a maturing audience

Internet usage is growing fastest among Candians between the ages of 65 and 74.


Internet use is growing fastest among Canadians ages 65 to 74.


Make an impression on this audience with one of these easy-to-use tech promotional products. Electronic items without keyboards can be difficult to type on. The Port-A-Note Folding Bluetooth Keyboard helps solve that problem. It’s a portable keyboard that works with a number of devices. And it even includes a stand to hold their connected tablet or smartphone. Help them keep track of all those little accessories with the Small Tech Trap. This organizer holds cords, small devices and USB drives, making it simple to find the right item when needed. Choose a Tiz Qi®Wireless Charging Pad to effortlessly charge their smartphone. To power up, recipients simply lay their Qi-enabled device on the pad—no need to plug in.


Impress with tech

With tech and internet usage rising across all age groups, tech giveaways are a great way to draw attention to your brand. Engage customers and employees with practical and fun gadget gifts for any crowd.


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