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Posted: May 26, 2023


Summer is an exciting time of year, with many families hitting the road to visit popular vacation destinations, including beaches, lakes and campgrounds. Regardless of where they travel this summer, help keep them cool, comfortable and having fun with the best summer promo items to help them beat the heat.


  1. Coolers and travel essentials
  2. Toys and inflatables
  3. Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses
  4. Umbrellas, towels and fans


Gear up: Coolers and travel essentials


Make packing a breeze for clients and staff with the perfect summer promotional gear. Give each team member a backpack cooler chair to thank them for their hard work and dedication. Or pack a cooler for your VIP clients and include their favorite snacks and drinks for a personalized touch. For the jet-setters on your gift list, a tote filled with travel essentials, such as a tech organizer, travel-sized toiletries and a best-selling book, makes a useful anniversary or birthday gift.


Have fun: Toys and inflatables


Make splashing and relaxing in the pool, ocean or bathtub more fun with water toys and inflatables. Create a unique, tropical-inspired gift basket with an inflatable flamingo and a palm tree drink holder. Strike up a little friendly competition between volunteers and staff with an outdoor water gun fight. And give onboarding icebreakers a creative twist with a beach ball game. Have team members sit in a circle, ask an icebreaker question and then toss the beach ball. Whoever catches it answers the question and gets to ask the next one. Order extras so new team members can take a beach ball home.


Stay protected: Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses


Soaking up the sun while playing sports, hiking or gardening is a summer rite of passage. Help protect their skin from harmful UV rays with a sun essentials kit. Include sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses. Hosting an outdoor event, such as a golf tournament or team picnic? Provide employees with a protective polo or ultralight hat that creates a cohesive team look while offering some relief from the sun.


Cool down: Umbrellas, towels and fans


After a full day of fun in the sun, help clients and team members rest and recover with summer promotional products to cool them off. Go big with protective golf umbrellas imprinted with your organization’s logo. Or go for cooling towels and bandanas, which make excellent business gifts to include with customer purchases or as incentives for a wellness challenge. Looking for the perfect trade show giveaway during the hot summer months? A mist fan will help attendees stay comfortable on the trade show floor while drawing the eyes of passersby to your logo.


Make the most of warm weather with summer promo items


From inflatable gifts and toys to cooling towels, fans and travel totes, these hot summer promo items will keep your clients and staff cool.