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Posted: March 03, 2023 | Updated: August 14, 2023 4 min read

Unless it’s pouring rain or the sun’s burning your skin, you probably don’t think much about umbrellas. But with its ever-changing weather, spring is the prime season to hand out this versatile promoter.

We stock a huge variety of umbrellas to fit any need and budget. Whether you want compact folding umbrellas that are travel-ready or large-canopy golf umbrellas for upscale corporate gifts, we’ve got you covered! Jayne, our umbrella expert in 4imprint’s merchandising department, shed light on how to select the right one for you. “Umbrellas are a great outdoor promo item that everyone can use,” Jayne said. “They are a one-size-fits-all item that serves a helpful purpose.”


Small size, big impact

“Compact folding umbrellas are a low-cost option that are packable and easy to carry for an unexpected rain shower,” Jayne said. “Their lightweight design makes for easy carrying and, when folded down, conveniently can fit in your backpack or purse. Compact umbrellas are perfect for the person on the go. They come in a variety of colors and feature either manual, automatic or inverted-open functions.”

The Diamond Top Folding Umbrella has a compact design with an attention-grabbing colored section on the canopy. The Mini Folding Umbrella with EVA Case is the perfect giveaway for office staff, customers and prospects. Your logo is printed on the compact case, so they can stow it in a desk drawer, tote bag or vehicle.


On and off the links

If you want a BIG impact with your marketing effort, go with a golf umbrella. “Personalized golf umbrellas will cover you from the elements with their large canopies, which are perfect for imprinting your special message or logo,” Jayne said. “Their durable designs stand up to brisk winds, offering either a single canopy or double panel design and a large 48″ to 64″ arc.”

When it comes to golf umbrellas, the grip can make all the difference. Choose the classic straight wooden or curved wooden grip for an old-school look. If you’re looking for carrying comfort, try a rubberized or foam handle. Ideal for outdoor sporting events, golf umbrellas can be used for portable shade anywhere they go, Jayne noted.

The Windproof Golf Umbrella features fiberglass ribs and a spring design to stand up to breezy conditions. The UV Protective Golf Umbrella is vented for wind resistance and offers UV protection for those bright, sunny days.


Classic or creative

“The classic umbrella offers a traditional look and auto-open canopy,” Jayne said. “Choose from a variety of canopy selections from solid to two-tone colors, accent stitching, or clear canopies for added visibility.” The Crescent Accent Umbrella has a black canopy with your choice of six accent colors plus auto-open action and a straight handle.

Inverted canopy umbrellas offer a creative twist on a classic. The design helps funnel water away from the user, keeping them drier. “With the canopy and ribs folding up and outward to keep the rain from pooling in when closing the umbrella, it is a must-have design feature for some,” Jayne said. The Rebel Straight Handle Umbrella has a fresh, two-color look and an inversion canopy that opens manually but closes with the push of a button.


Large coverage area

“Patio umbrellas have gone from being a means of protection for the hot weather or rain to highly functional tools for promoting outdoor businesses,” Jayne explained. “They improve the look and feel of your outdoor business while providing a cohesive touch to outdoor dining areas. Patio umbrellas provide 7-foot canopy coverage with adjustable tilt and height functionality to accommodate a variety of shade coverings.” Patio umbrellas work best when accompanied by a sturdy base to keep the umbrella secured.

The Steel Market Tilt Umbrella offers sturdy steel construction and a tilting canopy to follow the sun’s path for steady shade while the Wood Market Umbrella has wind vents to help prevent collapse. Don’t forget a stand! The Plastic Umbrella Stand can be filled with water or sand for weight to hold a patio umbrella securely.

From compact minis to huge patio options, umbrellas provide excellent coverage—for your customers and your brand! These walking billboards will have all eyes on your name, rain or shine.