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Posted: July 31, 2020 3 min read

Let’s face it: At some point, everyone has wished for an extra hand. When you offer customers and staff hands-free marketing giveaways, you’re certain to receive a round of applause. Here are a few ways you can lend your customers a helping hand.


Hands-free on the road


Twenty states have banned hand-held cell phone use by drivers, which means that hands-free marketing giveaways are sure to earn a high five from your customers and staff who spend any time on the road.


A simple buddy holder offers easy in-car mounting for any cell phone, so it is the perfect giveaway for new staff members who will spend their days making deliveries or heading to work sites. The magnetic wireless device charger is another great choice to help staff get to their location easily while keeping their phone charged.


Comfortable viewing anywhere


It’s remarkable how many ways someone can use a phone, from listening to music, to looking up information, to watching videos. These convenient devices are even more helpful when used hands-free.


Hosting a webinar and want to offer a hands-free experience? like and wireless earbuds can easily be mailed to attendees so they can participate from virtually anywhere.


A combination cellphone wallet and phone stand that also serves as a car mount is a useful hands-free device for just about anyone. Raffle this off as a social media contest prize to attract attention—and entries.


Touch-free for safety


Kids are often told to keep their hands to themselves. With the current circumstances, many people are now looking to touching doors, buttons and other surfaces when they leave their home.


The touchless door opener is a relevant giveaway for anyone looking to keep their hands free from germs while working at the office. Whether they’re reopening your doors or continuing curbside pickup, you can thank customers for their business with a No-Contact Bottle Opener Keychain. Hand one out free with a purchase or for newsletter signups.


Give a grip on life


Hands-free marketing giveaways aren’t just for phones and cars—they’re also great for everyday use. Keep hands-free umbrellas “on hand” at your store, office or golf course to help customers deal with unexpected weather. An on the go pet bowl that attaches to a bag, purse or belt loop makes a great gift with purchase at a pet store, grooming business or other pet-friendly operation. Or offer as a fun giveaway for take your dog to work day. A head lamp is another hands-free lifesaver, whether you’re giving them to campers, stargazers or staff who need to work in dark spaces.

Give your customers a hand


Hands free do the seemingly impossible—they give everyone a helping hand when they need it most. And because customers and staff will always want these useful items nearby, your brand is sure to be seen again, and again.