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Posted: October 09, 2020 | Updated: November 18, 2020 5 min read

Giveaways can generate impressions for your brand, but they can also do much more. On our #Swagging Rights® page, 4imprint customers tell stories of top promotional items that allowed them to share a laugh, spread joy, create brand awareness and more. The next time you find yourself looking for a new promotional giveaway, take a look at these stories for inspiration.


Useful, memorable promotional items


The best giveaway is one that’s memorable and gets a ton of use. Every time it is used, it will bring a smile and keep your brand top-of-mind.

  • “VIVA is a staffing firm and, as such, we have a few hundred consultants at any one time. We celebrate their birthdays and work anniversaries by sending them gifts. In the past, we have sent water bottles, wireless speakers, selfie sticks, lunch bags and now this screwdriver flashlight. We are always able to find just the right gift at 4imprint!” – Judy from VIVA
  • “We are delivering our project documents to our clients on our customized USB drives. We feel this adds a more professional look to our presentation.” – Nick from AAR
  • “We are a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we purchased these cutlery sets as a token of our appreciation! We love corny sayings, so we are attaching a tag to them that will say ‘Thanks for an unFORKgettable year!’ We are really excited to share these!” – Deanna from Girl Scouts
  • “We call this our Marketing Tool, lol. They are great little screwdrivers. Everyone keeps them when you hand them out.” – Robert from Network Services & Computer Repair


Eye-catching apparel


Hats, shirts and other apparel items let you share a stylish and useful version of your brand. That’s what makes it a favorite promotional item.

  • “We ordered healthcare hero T-shirts to give to all of our staff. At Lutheran Jamestown, we offer a continuum of services for adults including independent senior housing, assisted living, medical-model day care, and a skilled nursing home and rehabilitation program. Our 350+ employees have been working through some hard times this year, but their dedication to our residents never waivers!” – Edwin from Lutheran Jamestown
  • “We have a deal in our store where you get 2-for-1 movie rentals if you bought a T-shirt. Most people don’t even know about the deal, they just love the shirts!” – Lance from Casa Video
  • “I love this sweater. We ordered them to wear in our office, and they turned out great. I love the way it feels, and it is lightweight and easy to wear. Our logo is quite intricate, and it turned out fantastic. We are very pleased.” – Lori
  • “[We purchased] fundraiser [shirts] in order to continue on helping Orphan kids around the World. Our contribution goes a long way in providing education, medical assistance, baby diapers, clean clothes, clean water and food for our blessed children.” – Sandra from Unity of Purpose.


Health and safety giveaways


Health and safety items are top giveaways to help keep the community healthy and safe while sharing your message.

  • “This item [sanitizer] is something very important to us as this will be a token that we will be giving out to the partners that we will be having along our journey as a surgical group who will advocate good health among each folks of Merced. Aside from that, this will me a tool that each individual can bring as their protection at this time of the pandemic. We are happy to get this as something that will represent our office.” – Yeare
  • “Our face masks will be given to students and employees upon return to college for the Fall semester! We are thankful for a good quality option to protect ourselves and others during this time.” – Lauren from University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton
  • “In the time of COVID, hand sanitizers are a must. These bottles are great to use as promotional offers and to share with our students and faculty. The smell is wonderful and the artwork was perfect.” – Jennifer
  • “We are pinning [round buttons] on masks to send our graduating seniors, along with another gift. It will be a keepsake that they can show their kids someday and reminisce about what times were like when they graduated.” – Connie from Slippery Rock University


Promotional bags


A great bag can help tote your brand everywhere, whether you’re using it to share contact info, critical supplies or sales materials. That’s what makes it a favorite promotional item.

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