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Posted: October 04, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Whether it’s for employees or customers, events can have a big impact for companies. Successful events can:

  • Say thanks
  • Promote creativity
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Boost morale
  • Remind customers of your brand
  • Celebrate achievements

Make your next event bigger and better with these ideas and event giveaways!


Bring the whole gang together


Plan an event for everyone on your contact list to create an opportunity for customers and employees to spend time together, growing their business relationship.


There are plenty of reasons to throw a big party. Host a thank-you event for customers or throw a bash to launch a new product or celebrate a company milestone. Invite everyone to an open house around the holidays. Or avoid scheduling conflicts by hosting a party after the new year.


Whatever the occasion, send an attention-grabbing mailer on a 4″ x 6″ Postcard. Be sure to send follow-up emails to remind recipients of the event as it gets closer.


At your event, roll out the hospitality by providing a coffee or drink bar stocked with refreshments and branded mugs—like the Brew Coffee Mug—that double as event giveaways.


Make it a workshop


Teach attendees something new with a workshop or event series. For example, a financial company might offer a series on retirement planning. A bakery could host a decorating class. Or, an IT company could give a class on password security.


Workshops are a great way to attract new customers. To get people talking, promote your event early through email, social media and your website. Don’t forget the impact of large signs and banners, like the Economy Retractor Fabric Banner Display or Uptown A-Frame Sign.


When it’s time for the event, be sure to have notebooks and pens on hand. The Inspired Notebook with Pen is perfect for keeping track of notes that can be easily referenced later.


Celebrate the community


Throwing the same event every year makes you a fixture in the community, giving residents something to look forward to that reminds them of your business. A fall fest, for example, is a fun event for the whole family. Think pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, scarecrow making and even a photo booth stocked with props like Mustache on a Stick. You could also hand out Activity Pads for the kids.


Parades also draw a crowd. Invite other local organizations to participate, too. At the front of the parade, hand out branded Convention Bags so attendees can collect all their goodies.


If you’re not up to hosting your own event, join in at other local events or trade shows. Bring along small gifts, such as the MaxGlide Pen, to leave an impression on everyone you meet.


Recognize accomplishments


Do something special just for your team to celebrate their hard work. The event doesn’t have to be related to work. From cooking to woodworking, there is a variety of hands-on workshops that employees may enjoy. Give workshop attendees a special event giveaway like a water bottle so they can stay hydrated while learning something new. The Geometric Sport Bottle is an attractive choice that will make your logo pop.


Another option is to bring the team together for a fun training session. Find a professional development topic that employees are interested in learning about. Then, bring in a specialist to teach them. Load any needed materials onto the Jazzy Flash Drive.


Finally, make everyone feel good by doing good. Plan a special volunteer day where the entire team works to help a cause close to their hearts. Create a spirited environment by giving out Hanes® Tagless T-shirts and Mesh Back Caps to volunteers.


Party on!


No matter the goal of the get-together, these ideas will keep your party, and brand, top-of-mind for all attendees. Don’t forget the event giveaways so everyone leaves with a memorable souvenir!