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Posted: March 11, 2022 4 min read

Great customer service turns 86% of one-time clients into long-term brand champions. When customers feel you truly care, they’ll stay loyal and refer others to your business. We offer tips and customer service giveaways that’ll take your customer interactions to the next level.


Ask for feedback

Customer feedback shows what’s working and what can be improved, so you can continue to improve customer experiences. Live chat is an easy way to solicit feedback. These interactions offer an inside look into what customers need help with, how they feel about your brand and how fast you can help them. Encourage your customer service team to take note of common questions and concerns. You can proactively answer common questions in an FAQ page on your website. Or post helpful how-to videos on your website and social pages.

There’s no better way to solicit feedback than by rewarding customers for leaving it. Ask for reviews on your website and social pages. Enter those who contribute feedback into a prize drawing for a cutting board, coffee mug, wireless outdoor speaker or charging kit.


Create welcome kits

Create a beautiful experience new clients will remember with thoughtful welcome kits. Start with a container, such as a collapsible colander or commuter tote. Add gifts that your customers will love. For instance, tasty treats like chocolate covered cookies or useful items like a pizza cutter and a couple of pint glasses. Include a note, imprinted with your contact info, to thank them for their business.

Welcome kits can also contain educational materials. For example, if a client hires you to re-build their website, provide a welcome packet that includes tips and best practices, timelines and any other helpful information. Include a compilation of testimonials from similar clients to help underscore that they made the right choice with your business.


Anticipate problems

Give each customer service employee their own notebook and rollerball metal pen so they can jot down common questions and themes they notice throughout their day. At the end of the week, ask them to report their discoveries. Then, develop scripts and role-playing exercises to help your team prepare for almost any situation. Get people excited to participate with fun training giveaways like stress relievers. And reward those who continually go the extra mile with a recognition gift like a sherpa blanket.


Show client recognition

Client recognition pays back dividends. A client who feels seen and recognized is not only more likely to stick with your business for the long run, but also more likely to refer new business. If someone sends a referral your way, send a customer service gift to show your appreciation, such as a high-end weatherproof duffel bag. When a client celebrates their two-year anniversary of working with you or signs a new contract, reward them with a useful wireless charger or portable hammock.

A customer appreciation event is another great way to boost loyalty. Invite clients to an after-hours casino night at your office. Or host a jazz band with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. If your customers can’t see you in-person, send an e-gift card for a takeout meal and an invite them to an online social hour. At the end of the party, gift a vacuum tumbler to each attendee. Every time customers take a sip, they’ll remember your thoughtful show of appreciation.


Provide stellar interactions and customer service giveaways

With ideas like using customer service giveaways, soliciting customer feedback and recognizing clients, your company can become known for its stellar customer service. Good luck!