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Posted: May 12, 2023 | Updated: June 08, 2023

Creative pursuits are a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Creativity can also provide big benefits in the workplace by helping build confidence, improve innovative thinking, relieve stress and grow emotional intelligence.


If you’re looking for opportunities to help your customers and staff use their imaginations, consider these creative promotional products and outside-the-box ideas.


Design something new with an art contest


Get customers and employees involved in your organization’s design process with a fun art contest. Ask team members to brainstorm a new anniversary or event logo using T-shirts and fabric-safe puff paints. Have each designer wear their creation to a staff meeting and ask everyone to vote for their favorite. Or ask customers for poster ideas. Provide jars filled with colored pencils, fabric glue, sequins and other supplies. Award participants with creative giveaways, such as an art brush pencil or chalk set, and feature the winner’s artwork on your website or social media pages.


Relax with a creative outlet


Employees and customers can embrace their artistic abilities and release stress in new ways. Host staff brainstorming sessions and provide teams with goodie bags filled with markers or sketching equipment. Then let them work collaboratively to find solutions to problems, work out the details of new projects or create innovative processes.


Have a VIP client that is dealing with a tight deadline on a big project? Send them a gift box with an adult coloring book set or writing journal book to help them refocus. Throw in tickets to a local arts performance or gallery for after their deadline is met.


Celebrate with a dance party


Dancing is not only fun, but it is also a great form of creative expression. Celebrate your next employee anniversary or successful fundraising drive with a delightful dance party that employees and donors will remember. Send an unexpected and festive item, like a unique coaster, as an invitation to the event. Include a spot on the RSVP card where attendees can request specific songs to add to the playlist. Decorate with string lights in different colors and present attendees with light-up hats they can wear during the party (and take home with them). Put all attendees into a raffle for a diamond light-up speaker to keep the party going.


Get thinking with puzzles


Get your team thinking strategically—and having fun—by solving puzzles. Stoke a little friendly competition with brain teasers or sudoku challenge booklets. Post daily puzzles for team members to solve and present the first person to correctly complete the challenge with a gift card to a favorite cafe or movie theater. Want to get customers in on the fun? Rubik’s Cubes® or puzzle pens make creative giveaways to include in customer orders or to hand out at trade shows.


Stir inspiration with creative promotional products


With unique and creative promotional products, your customers and employees will find plenty of ways to express themselves and keep their minds nimble and alert.