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Posted: July 02, 2021 4 min read

Timely is one way to describe company-branded stationery. Logo notepads, printed adhesive pads, colorful flag sets—all took on a more important role over the past 18 months as many people found themselves working from home instead of the office.

It turns out, stationery is much-appreciated as people stock their at-home desks and offices. Many companies are sending home items for the employees to use. Stationery items are also great morale-boosting promos for customers. Customized paper items have made everyone’s life a little easier.

We talked with Melanie, a stationery expert in our merchandising department, for some great stationery giveaway ideas, including some that can be easily mailed to prospects or existing customers. These are inexpensive ways to get your name out there.


Versatile notepads

“Whether working from home full time, at the office full time, or somewhere in between—these stationery essentials help you stay organized, efficient and on task,” Melanie said. The Full Color Adhesive Notepad is a great way to add quick notes and flag important points in reports or other documents. The Gloss Paper Two-Pocket Presentation Folder is ideal for seminars, trade shows and other situations where you need a professional-looking folder. And the Bic® Color-In Notepad helps two ways. It’s great for notes and for fueling the creative mind.


Multi-tasking paper

Notepads and adhesive pads are handy and useful at work, but these printed office tools work well at home too. “Notepads and adhesive pads are great for writing out a grocery list, creating a packing list for a weekend getaway or a checklist of weekly chores for kids to complete,” Melanie said. Order some of each with your company logo and mail them to your hard-working staff who are still at home—they’ll appreciate the thoughtful gifts and put both to good use. The Bic® Magnetic Manager Notepad comes in several 4imprint Exclusive designs while the Bic Magnetic Notepad allows them to make their own lists.


Organizational notebooks and document holders

Offices—no matter where they are—tend to get cluttered. Make sure staff can keep track of important documents by helping them stay organized. The Pocket Buddy Notebook Set has a plastic zip-lock pouch that attaches to the binding. It’s perfect for receipts, business cards, pens and more. The Multifunction Document Holder comes in two sizes and includes two file folders and a slide-lock envelope for storage. These are perfect for a variety of projects.


Exclusive TaskRight® products

No matter which stationery promotional product you choose, chances are our exclusive TaskRight® brand has you covered. It has everything from the fun TaskRight Sticky Memo Set to the easy-to-mail TaskRight Memo Notepad. They make ideal low-cost, high-impact giveaways that are useful and eye-catching.


From notebooks to memo pads to adhesive notes, company branded stationery is always a “write” choice. Make your mark with one of these useful gifts, giveaways or office supplies.