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Posted: August 06, 2021 5 min read

Branded writing instruments—pens, pencils, highlighters and more—remain one of the most popular categories of promotional products ever, and for good reason. Their low cost, simplicity and universal worth (every customer and prospect can use and appreciate a promotional pen or pencil gift) means they’ll be well-received and keep you on budget too. They are also easy to hand out and mail. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the perfect promotional writing giveaway. We have some tips to help you get started.


Promotional pens: Find the ‘write’ one

A quick search of pens at our website shows 1,844 choices. That’s a lot of pens, so we talked to our resident pen expert, Stephanie, for some advice on narrowing the search.

“Typically, people have a budget in mind and work back from there,” Stephanie said. “Then they generally have an idea on what kind of material they’d like. For a gift, metal is a good bet. For a larger giveaway, it’s often plastic. And sometimes the pen has a specific message behind it that might be conveyed best with a wood, bamboo or paper barrel.”

When it comes to smooth-writing bulk pens that will fit almost anyone’s budget, our best-selling Javelin Pen (remains a perennial favorite. Looking for something a little offbeat and fun? Pentel® offers exclusively to 4imprint customers the Pentel IZEE Pen. The honeycomb grip sits flush with the barrel for a sleek look. The rubberized finish of the Cali Soft Touch Stylus Gel Pen will make customers and staff want to hold on to your giveaway. And the metallic accents really help your logo pop.


Pencil giveaways: Go classic or unique

The classic wooden pencil remains a low-cost promotional gift that will keep your company name on their desk for months. “You might need a large volume for a conference or testing, or a unique design to cheer them on,” Stephanie said. “Others prefer a mechanical pencil so it’s always at the ready. There are even options to build your own, based on the colors of your logo or theme,” she noted, referring to the Create a Pencil, with more than 180 colors to choose from.

When you want to make your young patients, students or kids at an event smile, look no further than the Super Kid Superhero Pencils. If a mechanical pencil better fits your needs, check out the Rubber Grip Mechanical Pencil, which is refillable.


Colorful highlighters: Make your mark

Handy, colorful highlighters help them color-code files, mark important sections of notes, textbooks or magazines and generally organize their lives.  “Basic highlighters certainly get the job done and are a great choice for any event,” Stephanie said. “If you’re looking to create a little more stir, try highlighters that erase, are retractable or come on a pen. Some even include a stylus point. That packs a lot of function into one small item.”

The Pilot® FriXion Erasable Highlighter is erasable and is made from mostly recycled plastic. The Souvenir Jalan Stylus Pen/Dual Highlighter Combo packs plenty of value into its sleek design. You get a dual-color highlighter tucked under the cap, as well as a retractable pen with a stylus tip for an impressive branded writing instrument.


Gift sets: Twice as nice

“Whether you’re looking for a writing set that is more of a value price or gift price, we’ve got you covered,” Stephanie said. Promotional pen and pencil gift sets are great for students, teachers, healthcare workers, law enforcement officers and anyone who writes a lot of reports or notes. The Cliff Gel Pen & Mechanical Pencil Set is a smooth-writing combo with a low price. When you need to impress a customer, vendor or deserving staff member, try the elegant Sutton Twist Metal Pen & Rollerball Pen Set. Your brand is laser engraved on each pen and it includes a black presentation box.


Whether you’re looking for a pen or pencil giveaway for your next event or marketing promotion or a gift for that special someone, we’ve got the branded writing instruments you need.