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Posted: July 03, 2020 | Updated: November 05, 2020 4 min read

Now more than ever, technology is proving to be an essential part of almost everyone’s lives. Branded tech gifts are a surefire way to impress, inspire and thank your customers, prospects and staff.

Michelle B., an expert on tech gifts in our merchandising department, shared her recommendations for cutting-edge promotional gifts, as well as some of our best-selling branded tech gifts. “Technology trends, styles and products are constantly evolving, but we have you covered,” she said.

  1. Wireless ear buds sound like a winner

“As true wireless ear buds have increased in popularity, so have their features,” Michelle said. “These no-wire connecting ear buds are offered in a variety of price points and styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits your promotional needs.”

The Essos Auto Pair True Wireless Ear Buds with Charging Case features auto-pairing technology: Once the ear buds are removed from the case, they automatically sync to each other. The case serves as the charger. A fully charged case can charge the ear buds up to four times. They can control the music from the ear buds, too. Or try the Expedition Auto Pairing True Wireless Ear Buds. Your music-loving customers, prospects and staff will love these as a special promo gift for a milestone occasion or unexpected reward.

Also check out these wireless ear buds with similar features:

Horizon True Wireless Ear Buds with Charging Case.


  1. Multi-function wireless phone chargers make an impression

Qi®-enabled cell phones and other devices started the revolution in wireless charging, but this technology continues to change, Michelle said. “These wireless chargers are becoming multi-functional.  Now it’s easier than ever to keep your Qi®-enabled device charged,” she said. Combine a wireless charger with a full-function alarm clock (including temperature) with the Cusp Wireless Charging Clock. The Britton Pop-Up COB Lantern with Wireless Power Bank combines a wireless charger with a pop-up lantern. These branded tech gifts offer two devices for one low price, stretching your marketing value and pleasing your deserving customers or staff twice as much.

For more two-in-one wireless charging gifts, take a look at these:

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Polar Qi Wireless Power Bank


  1. These wireless speakers are built for the outdoors

Summer is in full swing and people are spending more time outdoors. It’s only natural to bring the tunes along! “Active lifestyles are influencing wireless speakers to include design features that are more conducive to the outdoors,” Michelle said. Your outdoors-loving customers and staff will love bringing one of these water-resistant speakers along to the camp or picnic site. The Rugged Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth® Speaker is also perfect for lounging by the pool or patio, Michelle noted. Hikers and runners will appreciate the Rumble Bottle with Bluetooth® Speaker, which combines a wireless speaker with a water bottle.

Two other great outdoors speaker choices are:

Rugged Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for lounging by the pool or patio.

Fierce Floating Wireless Speaker. Includes carabiner to easily attach to a backpack for your next outdoor adventure.


  1. Classic flash drives with something extra

Classic, tried-and-true USB flash drives never go out of style. They continue to be a popular way to store and transfer data, documents, photos, music and video.  One notable addition is a flash drive with the newer USB-C connection, such as the Swivel USB-C Drive. This plug style is growing in popularity on cell phones, laptops and PCs.

Two other popular flash drives that offer affordable logo tech gifts are:

Scout USB Flash Drive

Palmero USB Drive


If you’re looking for the perfect item to impress, inspire or thank just about anyone on your list, consider branded tech gifts. There’s sure to be something for everyone.