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Find Effective Promoters That Last!

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Items that will be used over and over help customers remember you—and they’re a great value for your marketing budget.

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Three Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Communications – Canada

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Storytelling is a great way for the public sector to demonstrate transparency and communicate impact. Learn three ways how.

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Bringing Unique Promotional Products to Life

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Get a look at how product designers, merchandisers and manufacturers collaborate to bring you the exclusive promotional products found only at 4imprint.

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Impressions Are Important: 3 Ways Trade Show Apparel Increases Your Show’s Success

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Selecting the right trade show apparel for your team can make the difference between a good show experience and a great one.


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Company Culture

This Blue Paper explores company culture and offers tips on how to hire for a cultural fit. Developing and distributing a culture handbook is also discussed.

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5 Creative Ways to Make your Mark with Personalized Pens

Personalized pens top the list of useful promotional products. Gain ideas on using them for employee training, tradeshow giveaways and gifts.

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Understanding Ad Blockers

Internet users are saying “no” to online advertising.

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Digital Marketing for Small Business

This Blue Paper provides the basics on digital marketing for small business, including websites, email marketing, social media, Google My Business and pay-per-click adver...

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Li-Fi Technology

This Blue Paper explores the origins of Li-Fi technology, how it works, its benefits and applications, drawbacks to Li-Fi & what’s next for this technology.

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