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Posted: April 19, 2024 3 min read

On average, customers interact with a brand through a series of nine touchpoints. And research shows a very high correlation between a positive customer experience and the likelihood of purchasing more from a brand. Providing a seamless experience across all touchpoints can foster stronger connections and boost loyalty. Use these promotional products for customers to provide the same top-notch experience across all channels and interactions.


Drum up excitement, interest and engagement among prospects and customers. Host a virtual event where people can join a live product unboxing. Send participants a mystery box that includes that complement the main product—like a pair of ear buds for a new webinar series. During the live unboxing, guide them through what to expect, enhancing the anticipation and excitement.

Create a stronger social media community while driving greater engagement. Design a series of magnets or stickers that social media followers can earn by participating in challenges. Select tasks that encourage people to share stories about your brand or create content that aligns with one of your brand values. This fosters engagement and a sense of belonging with current fans as well as followers who haven’t yet converted to customers.


Create a one-of-a-kind in-store experience customers won’t forget. Incorporate augmented reality technology that can be accessed through their smartphones. Imprint QR codes on stickers attached to various products. (Bonus: Stickers also make great as people like to attach them to water bottles, laptops and tablet cases.) When people scan the code, they can see how the product works or how it looks in different environments.

Make new customers feel special and exclusive. Host an invite-only preview event at a physical location, giving recent customers the first look at a new product line or collection. Make it extra special by setting a table with candies, nuts, meats and cheeses to enjoy during the big reveal.

After purchase

Looking for fresh ways to reward customer loyalty? Consider offering a membership club and sending out themed kits, like a summer-fun picnic set with a list of picnic spot suggestions and favorite recipes. You could also surprise loyal customers with a mini getaway kit that could include sporting event or movie tickets—or even a one-night stay at a popular lodge.

Knock their socks off by tailoring experiences to personal preferences. Use data about customers’ shopping behaviors to provide them with personalized bundles the next time they shop. For example, a customer who frequently purchases skincare products could be offered a balm stick and pumice stone as a gift. Package it in a branded mini tote to create an added impression.


Help your brand grab more attention than ever at your next event. Create a pop-up shop and draw visitors in by designing your exhibit around a sensory experience. For example, a coffee brand or café could serve fresh coffee in color-change mugs that recipients can take as a keepsake.

Alternatively, you could orchestrate a scavenger hunt, prompting participants to uncover clues related to your products or services. Rewarding everyone who completes the hunt with a useful item correlating to your organization, like a multi-tool or a branded T-shirt, can add an exciting element to the experience.

Make your brand feel personable and relatable. Host an interactive DIY workshop in an event tent where attendees can create something functional to take home. Think of options like a candle-making session or a countertop garden class!

Craft a flawless journey using promotional products for customers

Across all touchpoints, create a positive and seamless experience customers will remember for a long time. With these promotional products for customers, your brand will quickly become their all-time favorite.