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| Updated: February 15, 2023

Giveaways can be powerful and effective marketing tools if done correctly. A promotional item should tell recipients at a glance what type of service your organization offers. Mindy, from 4imprint’s National Programs and Partnerships department, shares insights on how to select logo’d products that can help achieve your brand’s full marketing potential.

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Promotional products are a neat item that you can put your company name or logo on. Once you put your logo on an item, it becomes a potential promotional product. It can be used as a giveaway, as a gift, anything to promote and market your business. I don’t know that people think about things like beach towels or, you know, your golf towels. Those are things people are going to use regardless, that’s something they can hang onto and use over and over again.

When you’re building your brand you want people to know what you do just by looking at what you gave them. So if you are a computer company, a techy item is going to be perfect for you. You want somebody to look at what you gave them and go, “Well that makes sense they gave me a power bank and they’re a cell phone company.”

You really want to make yourself stand out but you also want your item to be relevant to what you do. You want to get something that people are going to keep. And people are going to keep what’s useful to them so it’s really helpful to understand your audience. Who you’re giving to, what do they like, what are their hobbies, what will they find useful.

The quality of the item is going to reflect how people see your business. If you give them something that breaks tomorrow, they’re probably not going to be super impressed with it and they might associate that bad product with a not-so-great company. Retail brands already kind-of have an assumed quality. If it’s a well-known brand name, people going to assume it’s good. For items that are not brand names, you really want to do a little research. You want to look at customer reviews, get a sample. See if the company will send you a sample. It will be well worth it to to know that you’re spending your money on a good quality product that people are going to keep.

There’s untapped potential to get your name in front of people. People don’t take enough advantage of it.