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| Updated: December 21, 2022

Add your brand to modern promotional products and have customers look to you as the expert we know you are. Join Mindy as she answers two questions we get asked the most at 4imprint: “What products are hot and what’s new?” You’ll see what new items are leading the curve and how you can select the coolest products for your needs.

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Probably the most common question I get from customers is “what’s hot” and “what’s new”? Often those are the same thing, quite often what’s hot is exactly what is new and trending. Customers want to be relevant and up-to-date. You want people to look at you as experts in your field. So you want to give them something that appeals to them and that will be useful and something that they will hang onto. So what’s hot and what’s new is what tends to attract customers’ eyes when they’re at a trade show or when you’re giving them a gift. They’re more likely to remember it and remember who it came from if it’s something they see as high value.

The trend that we’re seeing throughout all categories is breaking into that brighter, bolder pattern. In apparel, in drinkware, in power banks, in tote bags. We’re really seeing a shift back away from the classic colors. Those are still there because they’re still corporate and they’re still relevant. But the trendy hip new colors are the vibrant pinks, the vibrant blues, the vibrant purples. We’re really seeing a shift towards the brighter colors.

One of the main places to look for trends is in the retail market. If you look at what people are buying in the stores now – the technologies are similar. So the vacuum bottles, for example, that you see in the stores there’s options like that in the promotional products market.

Tech items have been hot the last few years and we continue to see them be hot. Anything wireless, we’re seeing a trend towards that as well.

The people that are younger today are going to be the employees in a few years. So watching what they’re doing, what they’re wanting, where they’re going with things, is going to give you a good idea of what is going to be popular in the next couple of years. They’re the ones setting the trends, especially in apparel items. What they’re wearing to work, that is changing drastically changing. Looking at what your younger customers are using and wanting – that’s a good way to gauge what is really popular in the marketplace right now.