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Posted: November 06, 2019 | Updated: January 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to jump a dirt bike 70 feet through the air? Or rather, have you ever wanted to see someone else jump a dirt bike 70 feet through the air? Meet ProRider Freestyle MX, a motocross stunt team that is taking the Ontario freestyle motocross scene by storm.

ProRiderFMX, based out of Beaverton, is notorious for their gravity-defying motocross stunt shows. The owner, JR Wazny, has been racing and riding freestyle motocross for over twenty-five years. This past year he decided it was time to turn his passion into a career. With the help of his team, he has left audiences in awe as he’s travelled across Ontario performing at fundraisers, town fairs, private parties and motocross tracks.

What sets ProRiderFMX apart from other action sport stunt teams is that they’re all about building brand integrity. This means spending time signing hundreds of free posters, posing for pictures with fans and putting on a show rain or shine—or even in extreme winds. The team also visits local races and events to talk about what it’s like to be a freestyle motocross athlete, important motocross safety tips and Wazny’s story of turning a passion into a career. When appearing at all these events, the ProRiderFMX team needs to be outfitted to spread awareness of their brand.

4imprint was happy to help ProRiderFMX create a full line of team apparel, including snap back hats, youth and adult t-shirts, hoodies, drawstring backpacks and more. The exclusive merchandise was initially just for team members but after many requests from spectators, ProRiderFMX decided to make team gear available to the public.

“The ease of using www.4imprint.ca has made personalizing merchandise a breeze for ProRiderFMX. Comparing pricing on different products is effortless with Glide and the free samples before ordering ensures there are no surprises when the branded merchandise arrives,” Wazny says.

One of the strongest indicators of a successful stunt show is the line of fans who want to represent ProRiderFMX merchandise in their hometown. “We love all of our 4imprint Canada products and hope to expand our merchandise line to include some new items in 2020.”

To check out some of ProRiderFMX’s jaw dropping stunt action, check them out on social media:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/proriderfmxteam/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/proriderfmx/Motocross racers at fan booth Motocross rider on bike, wearing promotional hoodie Two female wearing ProRider Freestyle branded t-shirts Two females wearing branded hats Motocross racers signing fan photos Motocross racers posing with bikes Four ProRider Freestyle fans wearing promotional gear

Erika Wegner

Erika Wegner

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