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Posted: December 19, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Whether offering life-coaching services to at-risk youth, economic empowerment to women across the world, or community-based care to half-orphans, IPL is creating opportunities to let others shine.

Both its Global Women’s Economic Empowerment and Orphaned and Vulnerable Child programs have focused efforts in Kore (Korah) Ethiopia, a district just outside Ethiopia’s capital city of Addis Ababa. Originally home to those affected by leprosy, Kore hosts some of the poorest of the poor—many of them women and children—and the city’s garbage dump (often a source of food and personal items).

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Our customer, Ciara, wrote us expressing her desire to go on a leadership mission with IPL and asked if we could help with a sponsorship. We provided Ciara the shirts she then sold to raise funds, offsetting some of her expenses. After she returned home, she was gracious enough to share a few of her experiences.

During the group’s time in Kore, they met many women who have participated in IPL’s programs. “In fact, we even went into three of their homes. Over two days we were able to do ‘hut makeovers’ which consisted of bringing these women a new mattress and linens, and then using our hands to organize their homes and give them hugs and words of encouragement while we prayed specifically for needs they had….It was an amazing experience!”

Another major focus of their trip was to spend time with the half-orphans IPL helps care for. Ciara explained the term half-orphan is given to children who are wanted by their mothers but are offered to the government as orphans because the women can’t afford to provide for them. In order to help keep these families together, IPL started a program providing care for children during the day Monday-Friday. While children are fed, cared for and educated, the mothers work or receive vocational training.

“There were so many highlights of this trip. Seeing the happiness of the women and their gratitude for the help they are given is amazing. I am so grateful for this opportunity….You gain such a new perspective when you get out of your bubble and just see how other precious people live.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Ciara! We are delighted to help in your mission.


If you’d like to help or learn more, visit IPL’s Facebook® page or website.

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