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Posted: August 07, 2013 | Updated: November 03, 2022

Using nonprofit promotional items to keep children safe

“Don’t let your silence drown out their cries.”

To say that Guardians of the Children (GOC) simply educates the public on how to recognize child abuse is a vast understatement. From fundraisers and working with the DSS [Department of Social Services] to organizing informational booths and sharing nonprofit promotional items at city and regional events to accompanying young children to court, Guardians of the Children does it all. Even, according to the Mooresville, North Carolina chapter Vice President Rich Grassley, “physically restraining someone from the child.”

Guardians of the Children volunteers staffing a booth with nonprofit promotional items.

Caring for kids

Rich and his fellow “motorcycle enthusiasts” work hard to raise money and generate awareness for children of abuse. They are part of a nationwide organization dedicated to “… serv[ing] as advocates to provide strength and stability to families in crisis; and be an answer to the prayer of an abused child or teen for courage, support and protection.”

Sometimes that means “adopting” kids, not that the child lives with a member of the group, but that visits to the doctor or counselor are paid for, that food is always on the table and that, come Christmas, there are presents under the tree.

Rich’s GOC chapter in North Carolina has adopted four children this year, though they hope to adopt two to three more come the holiday season. Currently those children are between the ages of four and 10 years old, though the group, made up of both men and women protect children up to age 18.

Carrying out their cause with nonprofit promotional items

While searching for some print work one day, Rich was referred to 4imprint®. Then, while pricing promotional items like tattoos and koozies, the representative he spoke to referred him to the one by one® program.

Not long after applying, the Mooresville GOC chapter was selected to receive a grant. It was used towards 250 pens, 500 tattoos for children and a tablecloth with their chapter emblem emblazoned on it, all of which help Rich and the other 17 chapter members carry out their mission. “If you can save one child,” he says, “it’s worth it.”

A note from Cheryl:

We’re humbled to offer nonprofit promotional items to be able to help this group care for children. You can read more stories like this on the one by one website. To apply for a one by one grant, visit the same website and click the Application tab.