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Lasting Impressions

Sunglasses for events reflect awareness

Posted: February 07, 2024 2 min read

In Dayton, Ohio, South Community Behavioral Health stands out for its dedication to mental health and substance use care, as well as for its innovative methods to promote its cause. By partnering with schools, healthcare, law enforcement and more, it serves children, adults and families in the Miami Valley. Using sunglasses for events, team members helped the local community see mental wellness through a different lens.

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Providing clearer vision

While participating in a community walking event that championed mental health, South Community Behavioral Health’s team sported a stylish accessory: custom-designed sunglasses. The shades were more than a fashion statement. “The sunglasses helped us spread awareness about our organization,” said Jeni Sand, marketing manager. “Mental health and substance use is still a topic that feels stigmatized, so the more we get the word out, the bigger of an impact we can make.”

“The sunglasses helped us spread awareness about our organization,” Jeni Sand said.

Framed with care

As community members walked to support mental wellness, the sunglasses helped start conversations and strengthen ties to South Community Behavioral Health. Emblazoned with its logo, the sunglasses were a subtle yet clear symbol of the organization’s dedication to provide mental health and substance use care.

Eyes on awareness: The lasting impact of a simple accessory

Even a small gesture, like using sunglasses for events, has the power to shed light on a meaningful cause. As Sand said, “The impact that the sunglasses have made is to create a bigger name for us and help our program grow.”

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