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Company at trade show with lots of booth swag

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Swag Master

Promo items for events attract attention

Posted: February 07, 2024 | Dave Vignali 1 min read

Health care network manager NorthCoast Health Care Management® was determined to stand out at an annual convention. Its strategy was simple—captivate the crowd with a delightful yet practical array of promo items for events.

wide range of branded promo items for events

A spectrum of selections

With attendees ranging from seasoned executives to entry-level employees, booth swag needed to appeal to a wide audience. Team members stocked the event booth with something for everyone: Post-it® Notes, lip balm, manicure kits, eyeglass and screen cleaners, mini first-aid kits and more.

The pull factor

Not only did event attendees rave about the booth swag, but other exhibitors also stopped by to see what the buzz was all about. “We heard from exhibitors and attendees that they’d heard about us from someone else in the hall and wanted to come take a look,” said Amy Konopka, executive vice president.

Beyond the booth

Planners say the swag performed double duty. Beyond attracting attention during the show, the practical nature of the giveaways meant that recipients kept them handy after the event, bringing the NorthCoast Health Care Management brand into their everyday lives.



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