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person outside wearing gloves and holding cell phone - inset picture of multiple branded gloves

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Swag Master

Useful conference swag

Posted: July 18, 2023 | Dave Vignali 1 min read

Despite a chilly day at ETHDenver (one of the largest Web3 conferences globally), attendees’ hands were warm— thanks to useful conference swag from RPC protocol, Pocket®. Here’s how this protocol decentralized its presence.

Handy giveaways

Cozy gloves kept recipients’ hands toasty while acting as mini billboards for Pocket. With its logo on the right and its community co-sponsor on the left, Pocket got countless hands on its brand throughout the event.

touch screen gloves with company logo on each hand.

Touch Screen Gloves

Swipe and go

Recipients were able to keep their hands warm while using phones and tablets outdoors. The touchscreen-friendly gloves have conductive material on the thumbs, index and middle fingers.

Sticking around

Convenient, timely and useful conference swag, branded gloves kept Pocket top of mind for conference-goers during and after the event. That’s a handy giveaway worthy of two (gloved) thumbs up.



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