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collage of fun giveaway items with company branding on them.

| Updated: August 28, 2023 1 min read


Playful promos encourage happy customers

Posted: July 18, 2023 | Updated: August 28, 2023 | Dave Vignali 1 min read

fun swag items for Boogie Downtown event - light up bracelet, music note pen and branded chip clip.

So who’s all coming to Boogie Downtown tomorrow night? Not only do we have a great concert with Boogie and the Yo-yo’z, but our good friends from 4imprint will be Downtown giving away this super awesome swag!


branded stress reliever football

Love the footballs! We hand them off to every one that comes in! (yes, pun intended!) I am definitely going to order more for football season!


stuffed animal teddy bear wearing a branded t-shirt.

We ordered these for valentine’s day to give to all our employees. No matter how grumpy you’re feeling, a teddy bear with a “corporate logo” will make anyone’s day (: Speaking on the quality of the imprint, I was impressed with how clean the logo came out on the shirt.


multiple pink bins filled with fun swag items, including frisbees, tennis balls and pens.

Got The Pink Poodle Salon swag all ready to go for Shopfest tomorrow!! If you bring your pup by to say hi they can pick out a toy. Don’t worry pup owners. I have pens and candy for you [too]-while supplies last. Basically I’m bribing you for puppy cuddles!


coloring and activity books for kids with company branding on the covers.

We distributed these coloring books at our first farmers market of the season. They were a hit with kids and adults and were a great way to spread our message.


stack of blue branded frisbees

Gave it out at a neighborhood fundraising event, [children] of all ages and parents loved it!


Check out our Pinterest® board for fun giveaway items that will have prospects, clients and team members happily spreading the word about your brand.